Sunday, March 22, 2015

Who's home?

I get so excited to have my girly home and then she's never here! LOL.  Oh well, that's what she should be doing at 19.  I did get to spend all Friday evening with her. We just watched tv and chatted. Then she was up early yesterday to go pick up her BF from the auto repair shop, where he was leaving his car for the day. They showed back up around 2pm for a couple of hours until they had to go pick up his car. He had wanted to get some work done on it before they drove it 1000 miles (and back) next week for their little Spring break trip. He's so responsible :)  They came back around 7pm and spent the evening and I just watched tv with them until I went to bed.

The only thing I had asked of her was what she was doing Monday and Tuesday. If she wasn't busy  then I'd take those days off work, but if she was going to be busy doing stuff with friends and BF then I'd just go to work. She assured me those were my days..... Now she's already trying to squeeze time in with a friend on Monday or Tuesday........

I went grocery shopping Saturday morning. Spent $150 dollars. DH always unloads it into the house for me and was like "how do 2 people eat this much every week?". Well, it's not all food - some of it is toothpaste and stuff like that. There's always some purchase for pets or feeding outside birds." But, ya, how do 2 people consume this much every week?

The 3 most expensive things on my grocery receipt was a pack of 2 steaks for $12 (which DH and I ate last night, since DD wasn't home for dinner), a party size tray of frozen chicken enchiladas and rice (but this will give us 2 meals and is one of the only things DH will eat leftovers) that was $14 and a big 7 pound box of Milk Bones dog treats for $11. Even though our dogs are big, I buy the small size and even then break them in half to give our dogs as treats. Just those 3 things were almost $40 of my expense. Plus I bought toothpaste and mouthwash, but I did have a $1 off coupon for each, at least. And we needed a new dish "wand" and refills and those came to $6 total.

I bought ingredients to make some chocolate chip cookies and also picked up some strawberries, little cakes and whip cream.  Aren't these strawberries big and so yummy looking?!
They will be dessert with tonight's dinner of a cheesy/bacon/hashbrown casserole (that most likely DD will end up not here for! LOL)

I also am trying to add a bit each week to stock up for emergencies. This week I picked up another 4 pack of Del Monte green beans. Walmart has them in this 4 pack box, but they are found on end aisles and never in the same place each week. They stack nicely in the cupboard, so when I come across them I buy one. For awhile it was corns but lately it's been green beans in the display. I also bought a couple cans of chili (with meat and beans).  Last week I bought some flour, sugar, a jug of water and a 4pk of the veggies.  Next week I think it will be more chili and tuna. Just trying to spend $5 a week or so for some items to stock up on.

It feels nice knowing that while today is Sunday, I still have 2 more days of my "weekend". Even if I do end up getting stood up!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how fast those grocery items can add up??? We didn't need any meat this pay period so I budgeted $30 for fresh items.....ended up spending $90 - much for that budget!!!