Friday, March 13, 2015

A nice surprise

DH is having a good day putting around on the lawn mower and mowing the lawn today. It's supposed to get to almost 70 today. Crazy. Our younger dog loves lawn mowing days. I think he thinks he is helping too. When in reality he just goes along way ahead of DH and drops his tennis ball in the route and then DH mows along and picks it up with the ball chucker and gives it a toss. Our older pooch does not like the lawn mower at all. As soon as it turns on he's banging his big butt on the screen door to let me know he wants back in the house...and then it's nap time.

I got home to a very nice surprise yesterday when I pulled up and opened the garage door to park.  A very nice wooden bench seat was sitting there! But once I got out to look at it he showed me it also folds in to a small picnic table! I have been wanting both - so this is perfect!

These are the photos from Amazon, so that's why they are different colors. Mine is more the top color and he is going to spray it with a wood sealer to help hold the finish.  We haven't decided where we will put it yet, but probably near where we put our BBQ grill in the summer, near the back door.

He said he was online the other day looking for plans to make something and saw this and figured he couldn't make one for much less than this cost, plus it was free 2 day shipping on DD's prime account. DH said he couldn't wait until Mother's Day to get it for me :-) 


  1. Tell your dh that it is Mother's Day in Britain on Sunday, so that he isn't too to early!!! Great gift.

  2. I love things that do double duty!! Nice! Sorry about your neighbors but it sounds like the sergeant Is gonna clean it up!!