Friday, March 13, 2015

The never ending story

Is everyone as sick of hearing about our drug dealing neighbors as we are of living next to them?!

They are still at it - most of the traffic is during the day, when the dad is at work and some during the night, when he is mostly likely asleep. The oldest son is an out of control angry tweeker.  The Dad plays dumb. There are always one or two cars that are apparently their "runners" - they are the ones in and out 10 times a day. Stay for a few minutes, leave for 10-20 minutes. Rinse. Repeat. No one who lives there, except the dad has a car. We keep reporting online to our county sheriff drug tip's getting really old after basically writing the same thing time and again - for over a year now! I've pretty much just started doing a weekly update, rather than daily or every couple of days. My last report to them basically just said "still averaging 700 cars/walkers a month to and from this house".

One of the latest "runners" is a guy who wants to drive 40 mph down a 400 foot private road. Even the dad yelled at him last Saturday to slow down. Sunday he was right back at it and DH ran outside on one of his trips by and yelled at him to slow down. His response was "shut up - this is a public easement"!! Gee...where do you think he got that response from. DH told him he is on private property, blah blah.  He came back Wednesday afternoon, stayed 2 minutes and upon leaving decided to 4 wheel it off the nice paved portion of the road and do a burnout in our landscaped (nicely graveled and then trees along our fence line) area next to the fence.

About the time I got off the phone with the dispatcher, our good neighbor pulled in from work and said he saw the gravel marks. DH told him who/what and he said "he's around the corner parked talking to the girl (renter's daughter) and that other guy that lives with them (turns out he's renter's brother in law). Right then the two of them came walking down the street and DH and neighbor asked them who drives that white car. They played dumb first and then she said all's she knows is his name is Aaron and he's homeless. Good neighbor said he saw him turn down the road behind our properties (to go to the other property scum landlord owns), so that meant he was coming back out at some point (there's only one way out of our neighborhood). So they stood on the corner while I talked a bit with the daughter and uncle.  I made sure to pass along to them the info that we have talked to an attorney and have every right to sue their landlord for "abuse of use of a private residential easement". Sure enough about 5 minutes later the car tries to leave the neighborhood so DH got a few pics of it with his phone and we were able to get the lic# (no front license - the whole front bumper is missing) and make/model.

Of course we knew it would be a couple of hours before we'd get police contact. Deputy "newbie" was the one who called (we've been dealing with him the past 4-5 months. He couldn't even find our house the first time and he's basically been 100% useless) instead of coming out. He said there's nothing he can do and DH said well, we need a resolution and he replied "it's above my paygrade"! So DH asked who he could talk to about it then and he said gave him the name of the night duty Sergeant. I called the non-emergency dispatch # back and said apparently I need to talk to this Sergeant, can you tell me how to get a hold of him and I was told they'd send him a message to call. About an hour later this Sergeant actually came to our house. He was awesome. He was one of the swat team members who busted the house behind us. He was not aware of all the drug activity still going on in our neighborhood/specifically at the house on our street. So, obviously all my daily/weekly reporting of the activity to narcotics was useless. Obviously my visit to the precinct in January to request more patrols was swept under the rug. When we told him that the deputy didn't come out and only called us and said it was above his pay grade he wasn't too happy. He got on his phone and told the deputy to get over here and take a report!  He then took down names, etc and all the info we have on what's been going on here (now for a year and a half) and said he would get a message out to everyone, day shift, night shift, narcotics, that this area needs to be worked again. Yesterday a cop drove down our street and turned around in the culdesac at their house 2 times in 90 minutes. That was really good to see. And the Sergeant called DH again yesterday afternoon to get more info. DH said it sounded like he called him from a meeting with others in the room.

We'll see....I'm sure it will take a long time, like it did for our neighbors bust behind us.....which by the way.......they went to court yesterday (after the one spending almost 3 months in jail and the other out on bail) and apparently charges were dismissed......this world is a damn mess........


  1. this sucks, but maybe this Sergeant might be able to do something after all...

  2. Ditto to what Gill said.
    I am really worried about you guys. Please be careful. You never know what these scumbags are capable of.

  3. Yes, DH needs to be careful when approaching these scumbags (even when it is on our part of the street). Lately our good neighbor has been coming right out to "be a presence" too, when he is home and he came outside to talk with the Sergeant with us, which I think was really helpful to let the police know it's not just us who has a problem with them. I'm sure those renters seeing the 3 of us talking to a Sheriff for 20 minutes out at our gate and then the other deputy coming right after sent a message. It'll be quiet for a few days, LOL.

    We are basically on alert all the time (great way to live, huh?) Our dogs are great alerters, we have the camera system (which they all know we do) and if they can get past all that and in the house well then they will meet a shotgun, eh? Both DH and our good neighbor conceal carry pistols, too.

    The renter dad just got a new job last week. No more bringing the semi truck home and tearing up our road. He now has to drive his own vehicle every day to his employment which is about 40 miles each way. Maybe he'll get tired of it and they'll move closer? can always hope! It's not like they are tied to the kids highschool(s)...they rarely go anyway.