Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I seem to be getting forgetful (or more so than usual!) lately. I set stuff aside on my desk at home for action/use later and poof! it goes out of my mind.

I did remember we still have a restaurant gift card to a fancy restaurant to use and when I pulled it out of it's spot on my desk and opened up the folder/card it came in I found the Kohl's $50 gift card DH had given me for my birthday, which then reminded me I also still have a $25 Target gift card in my wallet.

Ok, that's no too bad - no harm no foul. But also sitting on my desk, propped up with some other mail is my jury summons! I got in in the mail 10 days ago. Last Monday I was going to call the court about it. Mostly out of curiosity of why I am required to serve on jury duty for a city that I do not live within the city limits of. My address is this city, but I live in the unincorporated part (subject to county court jury duty). I get no benefit of city services from this city. I can't even use the library. Well, I totally forgot about the letter and everything, this past week, apparently.  I tried to call and got recordings (it's not that big of city!) and basically a message to email with questions. So, I got online and sent my inquiry about it.  I got called on this same thing years ago and when I called and asked the guy about it he said "good point, I'll take your name off jury duty".  I just got the email reply. No luck getting out of it this time.  That's ok, at least it's only one day a week.

Now I'm wondering what else I am forgetting about! Or maybe it's not so much forgetfulness as it is I tried to clean up my desk and put these things in different spots then normal in an effort to be "neater" and then didn't come across them in my normal daily activities.  Ya, I'm gonna go with that theory. Better to have my messy piles and know where everything is :-)


  1. I always put all my gift cards in the same place as soon as I get them.

    1. Apparently, that what I was trying to do...LOL