Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday this and that

My poor co-workers.  The flu is really starting to make it's way through everyone. I did get a flu shot last October, but I guess you never know what strains are really out there at this time, so to be safe, my sweet boss told me to work from home today. Most people at work are really good about staying home if they are sick (or at least working from home) but I guess if you are contagious before you really start to feel the symptoms it doesn't help much. When the flu goes through our office, it always seems to hit a good portion of it at once.
DH hasn't felt well all week, either. Almost like the flu but no throwing up.  Most likely just a bad episode with his normal problems. So far, at school, DD has been ok - she just had that little flu bug early on near the start of school.

So, I'm taking a tiny break. I started at 6:30 this morning (thinking I was going to have an hour drive into work as part of my day), so if I work 8 hours straight (I rarely take a lunch break) I'd be done at 2:30.  While that sounds very appealing, there are usually emails and things to take care of between then and the office actually closing at 5, so I'll take a little 15 minute break now and maybe a little lunch break and finish my day up around 3:30 or 4. The postal carrier should be pulling up any minute now to deliver a package I am expecting: the work tote bag I ordered. If it won't fit into our parcel box she will drop it off, but if our gate is closed she will stop and give a honk, but I can never hear it from the back of the house, but I realized if I open the gate she will drive in and then I (and the dogs) hear her and I get my package and don't have to make a trip to the post office to pick it up!  Oh! it just got delivered :) It's super cute. A little smaller than my current bag, but it will work.  The files still fit in there.

I haven't ordered the duvet set I have been eyeing. One of my DIY projects I have been wanting to try for over a month now is to try and make this arm-knit blanket for the end of my bed:

But, I cannot find the yarn anywhere online. Everywhere is sold out, still, and I have been checking for a month. If I could make this, in this same color, I think I'd be happy with my current cream colored duvet and some similar shades of throw pillows and pillow cases. The yarn will cost about the same as the duvet set, but I just really want to try to see if I can make one! I've never knitted in my life. DD recently made some very cute boot cuffs using finger knitting.

I told DD her little love story that is unfolding reminds me of a sweet romance book that everyone loves to read :-) Her guy couldn't be more thoughtful or kind to her. It probably helps with him being older. Like I told her, most guys in her age group (and sadly even older guys) are still in that "it's all about me" stage of their life. I think he's even surprised himself at how much he's fallen for her. His friends and family that have met her have all told him he picked a keeper. It's also kind of sweet that they actually met each other a couple of years ago (he was with someone else and she was too young, really), but now is just the right time for them :)

Wow - just got an email via work that our major competitor in our market is closing it's business after almost 20 years. I know we have really taken a lot of their market share the past few years, along with the poor economy, but it's still never a good thing to not have competition and I feel for all of their employees (many probably long time employees) who will be loosing their jobs.   (Ok, I don't feel too bad for the short term employee we had who left us to go work for this company 2-3 months ago....that was a pretty stupid decision on her part and obviously she's kicking herself now!)

Ok, break's up. Back to the work day.


  1. I have never even heard of arm knitting. Interesting. Why do you make it so short? Just to warm the feet? I usually need an extra blanket folded over my feet.

    1. The one in the video example is 5 ft long (3 ft wide) so enough to cover yourself curled up watching tv or reading a book :-) I am making mine about 7 ft long so it will go across the bottom of my king size bed.