Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sheets and dental savings

I woke up this morning deciding to just order a bottom fitted sheet in beige or something and Sherri and Sluggy's same suggestion sealed my decision.  Logged back into my Target order, which still had my other 3 items in my cart, and went back to the fitted sheets page, clicked on my brown color in King size just for the heck of it to see if it still said out of stock. It did not! My order, as originally planned, went through without a hitch!

My total savings I managed to get on this purchase was 32%:
Fitted Bottom sheet $19.35 (on sale)
Sheet set $59.99
Nate Berkus bath towel $8
Tissue box holder $12.91 (sale)
Total $100.25
Less $25 off $100 bedding/bath purchase
Less 5% pharmacy rewards discount code
Less 5% red card discount

All in all I think I did good with the savings and now I'll have 2 sets of sheets to use. I'm still not sure why I got the 5% red card discount since I paid with gift cards, but maybe because I logged into my account with the red card linked to it.  I had a little over $11 left on a giftcard I had purchased on Black Friday, that had been 10% off that day. The rest I used part of my $100 giftcard received from my boss as a gift.

And how did I save money on dental, you ask? I spent quite a bit of time at the dentist last year, getting lots of work done and using up my dental benefits and quite a bit out of pocket (which was put on my Care Credit card and will all be paid off next month - yay!). I have been under the impression for months and months now that my front tooth and the one next to it (#7 & #8) needed root canals. I had put this procedure off to take care of the other stuff first and wait until January rolled around and I'd have some benefits again to use up. We only get $2000 a year, which goes fast with 2 cleanings and even one procedure.

I went in yesterday for my 3 month cleaning (was supposed to be last month, but I didn't want to be out of pocket again, so I pushed it off 3 weeks) to see how it was going after my deep gum cleaning last Fall. All is doing well and then I said I was also now ready to take care of the two front teeth, that the endodontist, who had done my other root canals, said these two teeth needed root canals before the veneer or crown could be done (these teeth are a bit darker now than my other teeth. I injured them as a child and had a veneer done years ago that wore off with time). My main objective has been to get these two teeth back to a more natural color and I put it off for months because I thought I needed root canals too and just wanted to have some dental insurance cover most of it.

Well, the dentist said I do not need root canals! So, we are just going to go with porcelain veneers. I am so happy and relieved and excited to finally be able to get this done. Ok, so I really didn't save money by anything I did, haha, but I'm sure the root canals would have been a couple thousand.  It is most likely that insurance will not cover my veneers, since they will consider it cosmetic, but the office lady is going to submit anyway, just in case. If not covered I will have to fork out $1400, but way worth it to have a nice smile again and cheaper than also having to have root canals. I set my FSA amount for this year at $1600 so I can apply it to that and won't be out any money all at once.  Just the FSA amounts that will come out of my paycheck all year.

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