Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two good news today

I just got the (still secret to rest of company) news that we made our sales goal for 2013. That means another 5% of our annual salaries will be paid out in a bonus by the end of the year!!!  After taxes that will be a nice check of $2,444 for me.  Plus, since they have to withhold 25% in income taxes, so I'll probably end up getting some more of it back on my tax return.

I also just listened to the news and the president's "fix" to now allow those of us who already had healthcare plan we liked to keep least for 2014.  From the way I am understanding this, it would be up to the individual state's insurance commissioner's to allow the old plans to be put back into effect. Let's hope my state does the right thing! Being able to keep the plan I was on will save me $4000 in insurance premiums for 2014. I'm glad I haven't spent any time trying to register and apply for a new plan on the exchange.  It took me a couple of weeks before I could even get the info on what plans and prices were being offered. Once I saw the huge increase in price, I didn't bother trying to apply (not that I probably would have gotten my application through the awful website anyway). I figured I'd wait until the beginning of December to worry about it. Maybe now I won't have to at all, thank God!