Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Took the plunge


These will be my new glasses! I went ahead and got them from Costco - so keeping my fingers crossed that the progressive lenses won't be any problem. The frames were $60 and the lenses were $170. I don't know what the lenses would cost at the optometry place where I had my eye exam, but just the few frames I looked at while there were $200 and I'm sure their lenses would have probably been double what I just paid at Costco. I paid about $500 for DH's frames and lenses at a different private optometry practice. I looked the frames up online and most places that listed a price for them was in the $160-$180 range. I tried on several frames and nothing jumped out at me or DD and then I saw these ones and we both instantly said they were the ones for my face.

I'll have to submit a claim to my vision insurance company and will get back $100 of what I just spent. Hopefully, I won't be on here in 10-14 days saying "oh I wish I hadn't done that"!


  1. Yikes, so glad I had 6 eye surgeries so I can wear dollar store cheaters!

  2. Just give the new glasses time - your brain needs time to adjust. At least that was my experience with the progressive lenses. Keep us posted - I'm due for new glasses, too, and am planning to try Costco after reading their good reviews in Consumers Report. Hopefully you'll be happy with them!