Saturday, November 23, 2013

A good Target run today

I did pretty good on my Target shopping trip today. Thanks to for always posting all the deals.  I had a $10 off $50 food/beverage purchase coupon and was able to get the following for $27.65 after stacking coupons and 5% discount:

(6) cans Del Monte vegetables
(5) cans Campbells condensed soups
(2) bags Market Pantry noodles
(1) cake mix
(3) bags M&M's (saving for xmas stockings)
(2) bags of Hershey's "bells"
(1) small jar Skippy peanut butter
(3) small bottles of Coffee Mate liquid creamer
(4) Heinz gravy
(1) Stove Top stuffing
(2) large boxes of Cap'n Crunch and PB Crunch cereal
(1) box donuts (no coupon - we just wanted them!)

Total came to $50.14, less $18.10 in coupons, $2.98 in Target Cartwheel savings, $1.58 in 5% red card savings = $27.65.

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