Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Update

Ahhh - payday. Good thing, because I only had $10.92 left in my checking. I took that and the $25 check I get every month from work to reimburse me for 1/2 of my internet and put into savings. I'm trying to put whatever is left from each payday into savings, since I have been writing my budget for each payperiod without carrying forward any leftovers from the previous pay period. It was always getting me in trouble! I would budget out several pay periods and carryforward the "extra", but of course most times there is no extra because it gets used up on all the "unexpecteds", but I wasn't really updating my totals to reflect that there was no extra and it was making me think I had more money than I really did. So....a whopping $35 into savings, but better than nothing.

I'm working from home today - nice treat and saves on gas for the 78 mile round trip. My boss emailed to work at home today, if I wanted. I think she felt I deserved a treat for holding down the fort at work last week while she was out all week from being super sick. I'm a bit glad of the day at my home desk. I woke up with a terrible occipital headache and also spent the morning since 5am listening to one of the dogs stomach gurgling so loud. I don't know if that woke me up or the headache but his stomach was so loud. He seems a bit quieter this morning, but he ate breakfast ok, so I guess he's alright. But, then I caught him trying to eat a tissue!

I have my prescription refills from my doctor visit last Friday, just for this type of headache, but I hadn't gone and gotten them filled yet. Guess I will be doing that today, so I can take the muscle relaxer tonight. My doctor mentioned there are other types of medication for the occipital headaches, but all are basically muscle relaxers that make you drowsy, so if I wake up with it, I am stuck with the headache all day until I can take the medication in the evening, because it makes me so drowsy. Thankfully, I don't get these headaches too often anymore. Now I think they are just DH caused/related - haha!

I had ordered a new filter and hose from Sears for our old wet/dry shop vac, but I guess DH gave me the wrong filter....well, for some reason he sent me 2 links to filters - one right and one wrong and of course I ordered the wrong one. Apparently, if I don't want to have to pay shipping back, I'll have to return it at the Sears store. I'll just go tomorrow - maybe the store carries the filters and I can just pick it up there without having to order another one.  We debated whether to replace the filter and hose or just buy a new shop vac, but decided to go with the replacement parts. We've had this shop vac forever and might as well spend $45 on new parts rather than $100+ for a new machine. I'm sure it will last us quite a few more years.

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  1. If they don't have the filters at the store, you might wait and see if you could get a new one cheaper on Black Friday. My husband got us one for $25 and its a big one. Sorry about your headache. No fun.