Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another birthday present found

DD (who loves jewelry) mentioned she'd like an infinity ring. Ahh...good idea for a birthday gift! I've had my eye on a couple. One on Penney's website and one on Kohl's, both priced at $100. For the past 3 weeks the cheapest JCP has had their ring was $80. Kohl's had theirs down to $70 the first week I looked, then the next week it was buy one get one half off (which I didn't need, nor did I want to spend even more on another piece). Plus, I knew I'd probably have better luck getting a better price at Kohl's, as they usually have better sales and good % off coupons.

Finally, yesterday I hit the jackpot! I was reading a deal blog and it listed some Kohls coupon codes, one for 30% off and one for free shipping and apparently you can use 2 codes with Kohls online purchases - they just have to be different kinds of codes, like $ off, or % off, or free shipping. I had to use my Kohl's charge card to get the 30% off, but I'll just pay it off when the bill comes.

The ring was priced down to $32.93. Ok, time to strike! I put in in my shopping bag and it then showed up priced at $27.99. Apparently there was some deal going on "buy one get an additional 15% off. I added my 30% off code and the free shipping code and for $20 and some change I got DD this cute ring!



  1. I really like Kohls. I like that their coupons don't have a ton of exclusions. Pretty ring.

  2. Soo pretty! I love delicate, feminine jewelry, so this one is tops in my books! :) Great deal!!