Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hurry up and wait

It was a long day yesterday. At around 2:20 our IT guy asked me if it was ok if he updated the accounting software program we use, as a new version had come. Sure, I said - thinking he'd probably be done in 20 minutes and most of the updating he would do at the server and not at my desk.  Well.......almost 2 hours later I finally got to leave work! I leave at 3pm, but ended up stuck at work until after 4pm. He was having issues getting the program to work in "multi-user" mode, so that my boss could also open the program from  her desk. I was a good sport about it all, though, but with the extra traffic leaving at 4:10 I didn't get home until 5:30. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I have left work at 5pm before (back when I was training the first 2 weeks of my job) and wouldn't get home until 6:30 or 7! No thank you! If I had to be at the office until 5pm I wouldn't have taken the job. No way I'm spending 90-120 minutes trying to get home every day and same in the morning. 60 minutes is more than long enough and I only have to do that 3 days a week. Good thing I had a good book on CD I was listening to.

I got home and quickly made some eggs and bacon for dinner. It was tempting to stop and get fast food, but I figured we hadn't had eggs and bacon for a couple of weeks and since it's so quick to make we wouldn't be waiting an hour for a casserole or something.  DD didn't get home from class until almost 8pm and she was starving so I made her some scrambled eggs with diced ham. She had a senior picture session in the afternoon and then went straight to school without time to eat dinner. She had received an 80 on her first chemistry test last week. The teacher gave back the tests so the students could review the answers they got wrong. So, as she's figuring out why she got so many wrong, she's sitting at the table saying "hey, I think I had the right answer". After about 4 problems where she felt she had answered correctly, she emailed another student, who said she was experiencing the same thing. She emailed the teacher Monday and he emailed back yesterday that the tests had been graded wrong on some questions and he would be correcting!  So, more than likely that will bring her up to an A grade.

DH has been in a better, happier mood the last few days, but I don't hold my breath on that. It never lasts very long, so I just enjoy it when it comes. I found out he hadn't been eating breakfast the past couple of weeks, which probably explains the extra crummy feeling days he has been having. Got him eating the past several days, so I think that had a lot to do with it. The neighbors and their renters have been pretty quiet, so that is helping his tolerance level. I guess the county finally sent neighbor a cease and desist letter to stop operating a (noisy) business on property zoned residential. Neighbor's new renters down at the end of the street (he owns that lot too) have been pretty quiet. No big semi-truck going in and out - which probably means he lost his job or went to work for someone else. Like I told DH - I'm sure they won't be renting there very long.....most renters (especially of their "caliber") don't stay long and they seem pretty flakey as far as jobs, money, etc. One son already crashed their car and totaled it, which was probably why the dad was bringing the semi-truck home every day. The younger teenage son must have been kicked out of school (again, from what the dad has said) as he has not been walking down the street every morning to the bus and DH has seen him around during the day. The 18 year old son is apparently being pushed towards going into some sort of job corp program and didn't finish school. The mom is a current drug addict and the dad is a recovering one, apparently. Ya, just super new wonder DH wants a security system.

I guess my $1000 inheritance is on its way in the mail, so I will be watching for that. Seems like quite a few things to watch for coming in the mail soon....DS is expecting a $450 check for some remote computer work he did for a local guy he has done work for in the past.  When it comes, I'm just going to go deposit it into his bank account. I'm sure he can use the money!  With his work visa taking so long and not being able to start work until he has it, he took Grandma up on her offer to loan him some money and he can pay her back as soon as he starts working.  DD is waiting for her college acceptance letter - but who knows when that will come. She knows of some kids who are getting their letters from one of the other state colleges, but not the one she has applied to.

I'm 8 days from my next paycheck and so far am only $30 off my budget for this pay period. I am trying so hard to stick to it and praying those dang "unexpected" expenses don't come up. I really want to have some extra to transfer to savings. Per my budget I was supposed to  have $190 left over.

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