Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday chit-chat

A week or so ago DD bought some clothes at Target as a birthday gift to send up to her brother. The next day a new ad came out that I was looking over and noticed everything she bought him was now on sale. She went back the next day with her receipt and got back $12! Almost enough to cover what she had to pay in postage to mail the package out of the country.   Today we are heading to Kohl's. Last time we were there we bought some things and in order to use the 30% off coupon we had to put it on my charge card. Most of the items (or maybe all of them, I can't remember now) were her purchases to reimburse me, but she also got a $10 Kohl's cash and earned a $5 cash from her Kohl's rewards card. She has a 20% off coupon she got via an email, so wants to go use those up to score something for free or close to it.

I found a local grocery store is now carrying the Sunday newspaper for $1 (instead of $2). Walmart used to do this, but haven't for awhile. My mom is basically living at her boyfriends (as she is now in month 3 of taking care of him since his surgery.) and has decided to stop getting her newspaper delivery. I don't mind spending $1 for a newspaper to get the coupons, but $2 just seems too much.

Speaking of my mom - good grief - the lady might have well of been a nurse! All's she does is take care of people and doesn't get to do anything she likes to do the past 10 years. First it was my dad, then my grandma at the same time. Then my dad passed away, but she still had my grandma. She finally got a little break while my grandma was in the care home (but she still spent 4 or 5 days a week going to see her) and literally 2 weeks after my grandma passes away her boyfriend had to have back surgery and is still not recovered very well. He says he's going to take her on a cruise when he's all better to thank her for all her help, but I know it won't happen. They have been going to take several trips (all her idea - she loves to travel) over the past 2 years and none of them ended up happening as he always has an excuse to change his mind. I'm just sad that she feels like she has to spend her life, while she's still very active and healthy, always tied down taking care of people.  While her boyfriend is a very nice man and I do like him, there is nothing that she likes to do that he does and they spend all their time together at his home and none at her home.

She is having Thanksgiving this year, so I hope that means she is actually going to cook the meal, rather than order it from the grocery store, as she has been doing the past quite a few years. Of course, I will offer to help cook - so hopefully she will take me up on it. She makes a great Thanksgiving meal, much better than store bought. I will have to make a turkey at home anyway, probably the day after. DH loves having turkey sandwiches, so I will end up making a full Thanksgiving meal on Friday, so that we have lots of leftovers. We'll probably invite our neighbor over to eat with us.

The dogs are itchy! First it was the younger dog (who has long black hair and sheds like crazy). He has always had skin problems but it's been pretty managed the past year. We changed his food (high priced stuff!), give him fish oil supplements and he's done well.........until a couple of weeks ago. He scratches and scratches. I re-read his fish oil jar and see that with his adult weight I can give him3 pills, instead of 2, so I have upped that. A few days ago I gave him his flea treatment (though that usually isn't what's causing his itchiness) but a few days ago our older dog started scratching some too. So, I picked up some more flea medicine and treated him yesterday too. Usually if there are fleas I know about it right away - fleas love to eat me and since the dogs sleep on the bed I would get flea bites right away. We also have some medicated shampoo we got at the vet last year when pup was having so much trouble, so DD and I are going to give him a bath today. Not fun, but gotta be done. I even took his collar off a few days ago, because the constant jingling of his tags every time he scratched was getting on my nerves.

I'm going to make a taco soup for dinner tonight. YUM! Add fritos scoops and sour cream and so yummy. I think this recipe calls for just about every type of bean there is, plus corn, rotel, taco seasoning and hamburger. And it makes lots, and this is one of the few leftovers DH will eat and it's great for me to take to work for lunch.

Yesterday we finally got to go see my Grandma's urn with the plaque on it, that is now placed with Grandpa's. The cemetery has a nice abbey where urns are placed behind glass doors and a little vase on the front. My uncle from out of state came and we all met there, along with one of my cousin's, who lives nearby, and the lady who took care of Grandma. Then we all went to lunch. It was a nice little time to remember her and recount some memories of her.


  1. That's a shame that your mom doesn't get to do the things that she wants to do. I hope that things can change for her because it sounds as though she's earned it. A friend of mine had the same problem with her dogs scratching and itching ... turns out it was their food. She had to end up actually cooking their daily dinners of veg, chicken/duck, whatever because of the dogs' allergies but then she wasn't at work all day and didn't have any kids at home LOL the dogs ARE her kids ;P

  2. It is a shame that your mom isn't taking advantage of being able to do as she wants too now but my mom was the same way until the day she passed. Much too young I might add...My dogs are scratching too! and it's not fleas.. I dont know WHAT it is.. One of them even broke out into hives a few weeks ago.. We have no idea what it is.. The guy who cuts my lawn is coming Weds Im going to ask him to hunt around the back yard and see if he sees anything that would cause all this itching thats been going on.. It's been terrible. Back and forth to the vet, medications etc etc... Thanksgiving meals, I miss my moms cooking.. She always cooked on all the major holidays all my life..