Sunday, February 3, 2013

February finances

Yay for paydays! I have a couple of "extra" bills this time.  Tabs on 2 vehicles are due at $151 and a water payment is due.  Usually I send her a check every 6 months, but starting this month the well owner doubled the monthly fee from $10 to $20 (she finally took our advice!) so I sent her $60 for 3 months and then I'll pay pay 6 months in April, when my electric bill goes down and I'll have extra money to send her a larger chunk. Then she happened to call last night to tell us since we always pay semi-annually she wanted to give us a discount for paying in advance of $40 per year. I told her I had just sent out a check for 3 months, so we agreed that in 3 months I'll send her a check for 9 months and take the annual discount. That was nice of her, but not necessary. I'd honestly rather she have the money in the well account  when she needs it. Our house payment goes up $21 a month too starting this month, due to the bank doing another reconciling of the escrow account. I wish they'd just get it figured out. Last August it went down $30 a month and 6 months later it goes back up $21 a month.

My bank is starting to get on my nerves! For about the past 3 months now, everytime I go online right after my end of the month payday and pay a bunch of bills online, I get a recorded call from my banks fraud protection department where I have to verify myself and then verify 4 recent transactions. I always sit down on a morning, with my coffee, to pay bills. Usually before or around 8am. Then,every time, 15 minutes later the phone rings (waking up the rest of the sleeping people in my house) with the recorded call. YES! I made these payments, YES, I make the same payments every month at this time. I think what has triggered this call now is the health insurance payment is now over $500. These calls started around the same time, so I think I'm going to start paying that bill a different way. The first couple of times I got the call I was like "oh, that's probably a good thing for them to check every so often" but now I'm just annoyed to be bothered at 8am on my bill paying morning.

I'm thinking of checking more into getting DH's prescriptions filled at Costco. I have heard/read now a couple of times that you don't need a membership to use their pharmacy (state law or something). I priced out his priciest prescription I am paying for (a generic) that is $85 a month for a month supply of 90 pills. Costco shows 100 pills at $60.71 - so almost a $25 savings. They don't list his narcotic pain pill, but I'm assuming it too would probably be cheaper than the $66 a month I am paying. I HATE going to Costco - we only have one in the near vicinity and it's always so crowded anytime I have been there before (when I used to have a membership or go with my mom) but the savings each month would be worth the hassle and I'd just try to find the least crowded time to go each month.


  1. Maybe if you didn't pay them all at one time the bank wouldn't sound the alarm?
    That would annoy me to no end too.....especially since they KNOW you have a pattern of paying XYZ and all on the same day. If they just actually LOOKED at who was being paid and saw it's the same line-up each month. I guess that's too much to ask of a bank, huh? lol

  2. Can you call your bank and tell them about the annoying phone calls and have them drop the fraud alert at the end of the month? Also, have you checked prescription prices at Walmart? Apparently many of their generics are pretty cheap too.

  3. Cash - I have gotten these 2 prescriptions at both Walmart and Target and they are the same prices, but the online check showed his one medicines significantly cheaper at Costco. I'm going to go there next weekend and verify the prices, and if they are that much cheaper I'm going to have them transferred. Would be worth the extra 5 miles drive to save $25+

  4. I'd also all the bank - how annoying. You're right - one time would be fine. More than once? There system is flawed.

    With Costco, in our area the best times to go are first thing when it opens & right before it closes.

  5. Banks, yes, gotta love them. Not.

    I didn't realize Costco was so much cheaper for prescriptions. I'm not a member of Costco, just BJ's and I don't think they have a prescription dept. Now that we have a $3,000 deductible, I need to start looking for better buys on drugs!

    P.S. My new URL is (I noticed that my blog wasn't updating on your sidebar and I don't want to lose ya!)

    1. Thanks for the url correction - got it fixed!

  6. Ugh - I'd be SO annoyed by those calls! I've been with a credit union since hubby & I got married in 1994 & I *love* it. I don't know if all credit unions are this good, or just ours LOL. But I would never go back to a bank.

    Costco -- I used to be a Sam's Club member, until my visit became fewer & fewer, & now it's just out of my way to go. The only Costco we have is about an hour away. I do wish they'd build one closer - I hear they are way better than Sam's.

  7. I will let me nonmember friends know that about Costco. thanx