Friday, July 20, 2012

Perking the place up!

I've been working on small things I can do around the home to spruce it up a bit and just bring some new life into it.

First up is the new cushions for the old rocking chair. Everyone is in agreement that the red looks great. I got this for $28 shipped from Amazon (including $10 in amazon gift cards), which was a great deal compared to all the other prices I found for the same exact thing.

Then I got this plant to replace some ugly fake greenery that was just laying on top of dirt so old my youngest was probably a baby! This is in my dining room. Now....if I can just keep it alive!
And here is the new pot I found for $9 at Ross last night.  I spotted a tall tree like plant for $12, when I was buying the plant above, I'll be putting in it soon.  The rocking chair used to be in this spot but we moved the rocker when we got rid of the very old and dirty chair (now sitting in our shop - the dog still uses it to lay on when he's hanging out in the shop - he's spoiled!)
And lastly - my flowers outside are blooming like crazy! I think I put too many in! I can't even see one of the kinds I put in - they got swallowed up by the petunias. I have 2 more like this.
I'm really thinking of painting our bedroom in a couple of weeks, when I have the week off work.  Dd loves to paint so she will help.  I haven't painted it in probably 12 years. It's a very light pink color but I think I'd just like a creamy white to go with the dark cherrywood furniture I now have. 


  1. Very nice. Just a few dollars can make you feel better and help keep the old spirits up. Love the flower boxes.

  2. I too love those flower tubs. Beautiful. It's lovely how a few dollars spent here and there can really make a difference in both how you feel and how the rooms look. Nice!