Sunday, July 29, 2012

A new dinner recipe

We are getting tired of eating the same dinners week after week.  I found a recipe in a magazine for a beef enchilada bake I wanted to try and I gave Dd (the main complainer) the task last week of finding a new recipe she'd like to have me try, before we went grocery shopping Saturday morning. Well, she didn't, so I made up my week's menu with the standard fare and the enchilada recipe.  As we were shopping yesterday morning I reminded her she didn't find a recipe and she said "oh, I did! I just forgot to print it out". She then got on her smart phone and looked at the recipe she had "pinned" on Pinterest and we purchased the ingredients necessary for  "Cheddar Baked Chicken".

She also decided SHE would make dinner - double score for me - something new and I didn't have to make it!  She didn't like cutting and touching the "slimy" chicken, but it sure was a quick and very easy recipe to make.

Here is the finished dish


It was pretty tasty! (and best of all we kept away from spending money on fast food take out). Tonight we'll see how my enchilada bake tastes.


  1. Yum!!! Those look fabulous!! :)

  2. Those look great. I need to find more recipes that the boys will eat to change up our regular menu.

  3. Slimy chicken huh?
    I am guessing that DD is not going to have a career as a chef or a

  4. That looks good! I need to try that.

  5. Definitely a double score :) Sounds yummy!!