Thursday, July 5, 2012

Debit card update

I called the bank first and their explanation was some "glitch" or something caused this company to charge .01 to accounts.  She said the credit for a penny is the correction, so they must have fixed it. She really couldn't explain how this company got my info in the first place, since I have never ordered from them before. I canceled the card and they are sending me a new debit card. I went ahead and am paying a $5 fee for 2 day rush delivery, even though I guess I could go get a temporary ATM card from my branch, this just seemed quicker and easier and worth the $5.  The bank customer service rep wasn't real helpful in recommending what I should do. She almost acted like since the .01 credit was pending also, it really wasn't that big of deal.  I decided to cancel it anyway, just to be safe.

I then decided to call the company.  It's just a lady who has a small online mail order business with a shopping cart on her website.  It apparently happened to more than just me. She said her bank explained it that credit card thieves are using her account - somehow - to test cards to see if they work and if it goes through then they use or sell the card info. 

Sure makes you wonder how someone even got this info! It happened within days of me receiving and activating my replacement debit card (mine expired this month).  This new card came in my mail (a locked box) and the envelope was not opened prior that I noticed.  I suppose it's possible this pending charge happened with my old card exp. date and 3 digit vin# and that info got hacked somehow, but it didn't show up until a few days after I activated my new card (last Friday). 

I'm sure glad I check my online banking daily! And after talking to the business owner I am even more glad I went ahead and canceled the card. 


  1. So cc thieves are using that woman's account?....doesn't sound like she was concerned much since she hadn't closed it down when she found out.lolol

    Your info could have been hacked even before the card was printed and mailed to you. Heck, there could be a theft ring operating anywhere along the chain from the bank/cc company on down.

    My cc info theft last month? Seems I wasn't too far off when I suspected the hotel reservation booking center as the source of my theft.

    The more I read about this all, the more I want to move toward a cash only lifestyle.

    The only way to protect yourself it seems is living on cash, or paying fees to companies to keep your identity safe.

  2. I had that happen on a credit card once. There was a small charge that I didn't pay attention to. Once the thieves figured out it was a valid card, they charged something larger. It pays to pay attention!