Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday evening

Made a quick trip to Rite Aid today to use up $2 in UP Rewards. I picked up 2 packages of Stayfree that were 2/$5 and get a $2 UP Reward back. I also used 2 $1 off coupons, along with my $2 UP Reward, which made them $1 out of pocket, along with the new $2 UP Reward to use in future.

Then Dd and I went in search of our favorite family meal - Bertolli Meal Starter, Chicken Marsala (they have been hard to find lately). We went to the first grocery store that was closest, that also has a Starbucks. I still have some money left on my gift cards from Xmas/Birthday, so we got in line to get some white chocolate mochas.  We get up to order/pay and the nice couple in front of us had paid $5 towards our order! They were so sweet :-)

I finally found the Bertolli frozen meals at the 2nd grocery store and they were on sale for $5.99. They only had 2 left of that kind, so I grabbed both and used one for our dinner tonight. Wish I could've gotten a couple more.

I'm loving my new computer. Ds got all my documents, photos and programs copied over for me, so luckily I didn't loose anything or have to try to remember all my favorite websites and passwords, etc.  The keyboard is nice too, not so noisy.

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