Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The closet remodel revisted

I was just remembering I was going to post some pictures of Dd's closet after we did the little "make-over" on it.  The reason I waited so long? We couldn't find the other curtain panel! We finally found one she liked and they only had one in stock. We bought it, thinking they'd restock and it took months before Walmart did. We finally got the second panel and it's a touch different shade of brown, but I guess it's not too noticable.

She still needs to do a bit of organizing on the top shelf of her closet but it all looks much better than before, that's for sure! We bought the drawers, shoe caddy and the baskets on top of the unit and also a basket that is down on the floor to the right for laundry.

In the larger, tan colored basket she has all her scarves. In the basket next to that is her belts.  All in all I think we spent a little over $100.  Dh even followed the directions and bolted the storage units to the back closet wall :-)

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  1. Nice! Love this little dresser with shoe storage shelves