Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Neighbors again...

The water well is fine (knock on wood) and that's the only time we ever have to deal with those neighbors. It's the neighbor directly on one side of us who has gradually been grating on our nerves and as the weather gets nicer and we want to be outside more and have windows open, we are finding ourselves on our last nerve!

Neighbor has adult drug addict, ex-prison inmate son living at his place now for the past 9 months or more now. Apparently how he makes money is selling firewood. He has cut down almost every tree on their lot. (like I said today, as he was cutting down one of the few remaining ones...eventually he'll run out of trees!)  He cut down the majority of them last fall and we listened to constant chainsawing and wood splitting. He also gets cut trees from somewhere and brings them home and saws and splits them.  We got a break for about a month or so, last month, when he got hauled back to jail for violating his parole. 

Now he's back and we listen to his chainsaw going ALL day and all evening. We'll hear him splitting wood for hours late in the evening, sometimes until midnight.  Dh mentioned to our neighbor (both the dad and son) that it was getting a bit annoying to listen to that all the time several months ago, but it obviously has done no good. 

I guess I'll have to be the "bad neighbor" again and call the county and see if there are any noise ordinance laws or maybe some time limits he can do this.  He is basically running a business in a residential neighborhood (not zoned for business) and the noise is constant.  Like Dh said - it's one thing to listen to a neighbor run their chainsaw on occasion while they work on a project or get firewood ready for winter, but not every single day.  Why can't people just be respectful of their neighbors and do what is considerate and right?


  1. That sounds like a nightmare. Bad neighbors are the pits. Cutting down the trees and chainsawing all day .... thank goodness that all my neighbors do is spy on me in the backyard LOL There has to be some sort of municipal code that forbids this sort of noise and especially the running of a business like this out of a residential property ....

    1. I'm sure there is some sort of code. We just keep hoping not to have to go that route - or maybe one of the other neighbors would be the bad guy for a change. I thought it would end when he cut all their trees down and didn't have anymore, but then he just started bringing in cut trees from somewhere else :(

  2. Neighbors can really piss me off. I won't mess with you if you don't dump your garbage, let your pets run around, or mess with anything on my lawn. But if so, you got a problem.

    -Carlos Hernandez