Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm so confused!

My head is spinning with all the health insurance info I am looking at.  I am going to have to go to Walmart and ask them some questions about the cost of Dh's meds.  The insurance company info is a bit confusing.  One of his meds he needs 180 pills for a 30 day supply,  When I look online at his insurance claims history they show they were billed by the pharmacy $457.22 and that the pharmacy was reimbursed $78.54, plus my $15 copay.  But in looking at the pharmacy receipt (I just refilled yesterday) on the top of the receipt it shows an amount of $166.08 and then "Patient Pay" of $15.00.  The new plan the insurance is switching to offers a "Pharmacy Discount Program" of up to 50% off generics.  I'm so confused at what I would end up paying if I just stay with this plan!  Would I pay 1/2 of $457 or half of $166? I need to get these amounts nailed down in order to make a good decision on what to do. Hopefully the pharmacy staff at Walmart (and Target where I have 2 of his prescriptions) will be able to give me correct advice.

I'll get all this figured out this week and then when Dh goes to the pain specialist in a few weeks (yes, finally got the referral - his primary care dr. did it for us) they will probably change his meds!

I'm not in a very good mood this weekend. No matter how I work this I'm most likely going to need to come up with an extra $200 per month.  When I was at work Thursday my boss said she had gone to a meeting about our company's health insurance plans, that renews in August. They are looking at an 18% increase in costs. I said, great, that means my personal plan I have dh and the kids on will be going up lots soon too. But I sure wasn't expecting the letter I got yesterday! I emailed my boss that I had her 18% increase beat with a 117% increase.  i.e. HINT: where is my raise??!!  Makes me mad that I'm going to have to ask for one.  It's one of my pet peeves in work life.  I had a wonderful, perfect review last December but was told no raise since I had one 12 months prior. Was told they might reconsider in June for those that didn't get them.  Well, June has come and gone now.  I feel it should be employers responsibility to initiate the reviews and salary increases, not me in there begging for a raise. GRRR!!  And of course it just makes it totally worse since I see everything the company spends on....$3000 dinners with clients is common each month, huge bonus's for the owners and managers, etc. I just want $3000 for the whole year! The company is making good money, so there's no issue there.


  1. I am getting worried myself. My husbands work(a hospital no less) is having a major meeting that everyone must attend in order to discuss how there insurance will change. This makes me actually sick to my stomach. Yes I want everyone to have health insurance but at what taxes..our paychecks..what?

    I guess we wait and see

    1. I so agree. I was just telling my dh about all this this morning. I hesitated to tell him because he doesn't need the stress and he's the type that will say "then I just won't take the medicines!" - which of course I'm not going to let happen. I said I'm sure it's going to get even worse than this over the next few years.....scary!