Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tightwad Tuesday

No expensive designer label clothes at this house…the most expensive labels we end up with are the kids clothes, like Levi’s or American Eagle, but Dd would rather shop at Ross and get more for her (or my!) money.

Dd and I use drugstore priced makeup and shampoo/conditioner – usually with a sale and coupon. I do buy a couple of things from Avon but I always wait until it's on sale.  We just got 3 eyebrow pencils and one eyeliner pencil for $10, regular price was $7 each.

We don’t get our nails done –  dd would like to, but that’s going to have to come out of her money if she still wants to fork it over when she starts making her own money.  I used to paint my own nails regularly, but have been too lazy to do that lately.  I have long, pretty nails, so I don’t need fake ones.


  1. I've never had my nails done.And with 4 kiddos here it's not happening any time soon :) I just can't justify the cost.I usually shop for my make up at drug stores too.

  2. I let my youngest daughter get her nails done at a salon once. What a racket LOL Within a week, the nails had grown, leaving a noticeable gap at the bottom of each acrylic. So then, of course, she had to go and get them filled. The woman working on her nails clipped one of them too deep and yikes an infection developed. The kid was in pain for DAYS and required medical treatment. And THAT cured her desire to ever go near a nail salon ever again. The end. LOL

  3. My son's girlfriend does the nails and tanning...expensive purses and sunglasses, etc. I don't even want to know what she spends on it all! I love her to bits, but Ds has his work cut out for him helping support her lifestyle if they ever get married :)