Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday thoughts

My thoughts seem to be all over the place this morning!  Here's what's happening in my neck of the woods:

Dh sold the excess racking shelves to one of our neighbors for $100, so the net cost to put in the ceiling high racking unit along the back wall of our shop/garage was $25! Nicely done!

Dh sold several things on ebay, netting $158 after paypal and ebay fees. $67 of that will be reimbursed to me for the item he purchased on ebay a week or two ago. Sweet!

Dd made the varsity tennis team again this year.  I'll have a little extra cost than budgeted. Usually they just have to buy a team t-shirt to wear at $10, but the girls decided they'd like tennis dresses this year at $35.  Still a very reasonable price for a tennis dress and they will look so cute ;)

I just bought the shoes I've been wanting on Amazon and only had to pay $2 out of pocket! I still had my $25 Amazon gift card from my birthday I had not used yet and also $10 in Amazon giftcards I had earned from Swagbucks.  I checked for the shoes on Amazon last weekend and they were $42, plus they offered narrow width that I cannot get at the local store they carry these shoes at. I was waiting for the second of my $5 Swagbucks Amazon giftcard to hit my account and it did today.  I jumped on Amazon to make my purchase and the shoes had gone down to $37!  I love these shoes.  They are so comfortable to wear to work, with jeans, yet look nicer than a tennis shoe. I've had a navy blue pair and now am getting black.
Dh has another appointment with his doctor today.  The added prescription strength ibuprofen to his medicine did not help at all.  Dh really needs to get through to the doctor that he is in constant daily pain and what he has him on his not working enough. 

What are those sidebar gadgets called that many of you have on your blogs where you track your debt and such? I want to add one for how much my EF/savings is growing but can't find them in blogger gadgets.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, but I haven't really made any plans yet on what I am doing. Probably try to stay home as much as possible to avoid using up now $4.05 gas (my car uses mid-grade). I heard on the radio driving home yesterday that gas has gone up almost .50 a gallon in the past month.


  1. It's not any particular gadget. You have to actually add the code into an html page from blogger. I'll email you the instructions for doing them similar to mine shortly. Gas going up seriously sucks, though. I'll agree on that. Hope Dh's change of medication helps.

    1. Thanks Tanner! I'll watch for your email.