Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ds and job search

Ds has a job interview on Tuesday for a full-time IT position.  It would be a bit of a commute (but there's no getting around that in this area, if you want a decent paying job) not so much in miles, but in time. It's about 23 miles from home, but a good hour or more each way during rush hour.  Ds said he sent out about 25 resume's in response to IT jobs listed on craigslist in the past week or so and this is the bite he got.  They were asking him for his salary expectations in their email, that they wanted to know this so they could set up an interview.  In the short time he was contemplating what answer to email them back with, they sent another email stating they wanted to set up an interview for Tuesday.  He's a little unsure of what salary to tell them, since he's just getting his Associates Degree and starting out.  And like I told him he doesn't want to underprice himself and he doesn't want to overprice himself out of a job!

Ds was thinking around $50k a year to start. I did a little research online about this company, not much out there, but did find a salary range for 2 of their non-IT positions and they were in the $45-55k and $55-65k range, so I don't think his entry level, starting out IT salary expectation is out of line.  He just needs to get his foot in the door somewhere and get some good experience and he can quickly go up from there, especially being in the IT field.  The IT guy where I work started out at $60k (he's in his late 20's and just got his 4 yr degree when we hired him) and less than 2 yrs later he is now making $70k. His job has a little more responsibility than I think the IT job my son is applying for, so I think $50k is reasonable.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him and I'm dreaming of the day he has a real full time job!  I can drop him from my medical and dental...he can pay all his own car insurance and expenses...ahhhh, that will be a nice day for me :-)


  1. It would be great if he gets hired, not only for you and your budget but for him in learning to handle all of his own bills and the responsibility of being an employee. It'll be a great day LOL

  2. I know chances are not likely that he'll get hired on his first interview :-) But, guess I'm just antsy for him to get full time work at good pay. I know it will happen within the next several months and that's not really that long in the grand scheme of things. I'll be patient, LOL

  3. good luck with the Dh's interview, hopefully he gets something soon