Monday, July 18, 2011

Shopping Fiasco's!

Apparently I should not have tried shopping yesterday. It was one fiasco after another!  Went to RiteAid first where I was trying to use my $10 UP rewards towards a deal where if I purchased $25 of any combination of Speed Stick deodorant and Irish Spring soap I would get another $10 UP Reward. Each item was $2.50.  I wanted to get quite a few deodorants but they didn't have enough left, so I got more soap. But, I added wrong in my head and only bought $20 worth.  I went back to get $5 more of soap and the girl (kind of new) had to return the first stuff and then rering it all again.  It's a slow process at RiteAid - where she has to call a supervisor over and the supervisor has to what looked like put her fingerprint on a scanner after each item to approve.  Then the new receipt (which was exactly $25) did not produce the $10 up reward.  So the supervisor (and quite elderly lady who is a little slow) went back to verify I had the right items (I did) and then tried to find the ad in the circular (I had to find it for her). Then she didn't know what to do. Another cashier, who is the sweetest and best cashier there, finally suggested to her to give me a gift card for $10.  Eventually she figured out how to do it (with the old supervisor breathing down her neck telling her she wasn't doing it right - but she didn't know how to do it either).

Then we headed to Target to get some deals along with a bag of dog food.  I left the dog food in the cart.  As we are getting finished checking out another Target employee comes to the end of our checkout counter with a big box of hangers and sets it down and is talking to our cashier.  Dd and I aren't really paying attention, just kind of in "auto" mode. We get out to car and realize we didn't grab the bag of stuff we bought. She runs back in (all this in like 2 minutes) and our bag is gone! The cashier is like "oh, I must've put your stuff in someone's bag" huh?.  So, she tells Dd to go back and get all the stuff again.  So I have to come back into the store and we re-shop.  Of course we took the last of a couple of the things the first time! So we replaced with similar. After Dd and I talked about it we think when the employee came up with the big box of hangers and set it down the cashier didn't put out bag on the end of the counter as I was paying, nor reach the bag out to us and we just spaced out and walked out!  So frustrating!

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