Saturday, July 9, 2011

The cost of quality time

So, I was heading out the door at 3:30 yesterday, after finishing up work for the day, to go grocery shopping.  My usual companion was at her friends house.  Ds asked where I was going, so I asked if he wanted to come along.  He was in the middle of washing Dd's car for her (what a sweet brother!) so I said I'd wait.  Him being almost 20 now, we rarely get to spend time together just the 2 of us anymore.  By the time he was done washing and helping his dad with a couple of things it was now almost 4:15. I hate going shopping that late and that close to dinner time.  We usually eat around 5:30 and rarely much later than 6pm.  Dh just turns into a grumpy bear if he goes past that so I avoid it at all costs.

We needed 3 bags of ice, so I thought I'd be "smart" and "efficient" and pay for the bags of ice as I'm checking out and grab them on the way out.  Guess, what? They were out of ice (they have never been out of ice before and it's not like it was a hot day). So, we had to go back to customer service and stand in line to get my $3.24 back.  By then it was after 5, we still had to get ice, get back home, unload and put away groceries.  I knew the dinner I had planned to make would end up being closer to 6:45, so we decided to stop at the McDonalds next to where we got the ice.  I just got dinner for Dh and Ds (Dd eating at friend's house) and I munched on salami and cheese at home.  Spent around $11 I hadn't planned on, but worth the later trip shopping in order to spend some time with my son!

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