Thursday, July 14, 2011

Learning Priorites

Ds had a lesson in money priorities this past couple of weeks.  I'm glad to report he made the right decision, on his own.  We could have made the decision for him, but we decided just to give him our advice and let him make the decision.  He won 2 tickets to a two night event he really wants to go attend, plus hotel room for 2 nights and $100 towards travel costs.  Very exciting.....except for the fact the event is 2300 miles away!  He and his gf checked on airline pricing - about $500 each.  And then I threw in the monkey wrench that they would need to rent a car and I doubt that would happen as they are both 19.  At one discussion I also dropped in that I thought he had other priorities for his money, other than spending it on this fun trip.  So, they figured out how much it would cost to drive there.  I had to remind them that that plan would add several more nights of hotels for the trip there and back.  Ds is basically broke.  He's been doing some side website jobs and will have money coming in sometime in the future, so his gf would've had to pay for it all and he pay her back his share.  I was REALLY hoping he didn't go that route. I don't want him getting into the habit of spending money before he has it (been there done that!).  In the end they decided to just stay home and they seem ok with the decision and at least it was their decision..not "Mom and Dad wouldn't let us" :-)

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