Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back to reality!

Back from our trip to Hawaii.  We had a fun and relaxing time.  We stayed in a condo so had a kitchen to make our own meals.  We ate in all but 2 dinners and 3 lunches.  I think we spent less than $200 on groceries (not bad for 10 days, considering Hawaii's high food prices).  If we had had to eat out 3 meals a day it probably would've cost $130/day, easy). 

Dd and I were a little confused by my mom and her approach to spending once we were there!  Not taking away from how much I appreciate her taking us and footing the bill...but we just figured there were going to be a few expenses to do a couple of activities. (and with nearly a million dollars in her portfolio, a few hundred certainly wasn't going to break her).  The only thing I wanted to do was go to a luau (about $200 for 3 people) and the only thing Dd wanted to spend money to do was take a surf board lesson (about $60).  When we mentioned these 2 things she started balking at them, like she didn't want to spend the money.  So Dd and I just said ok and I told Dd I'd pay the $60 for her lesson (she had some money she brought too, so she could've paid for it).  We of course had the tourist magazines of stuff to do to look at and after a few days Mom mentioned going to a luau. I found one near where we were staying at it was only $186 total. Dd was a teen rate at almost half, Mom was $10 off as a senior and then got a 10% discount for booking online.  Most of the other luau places (at big hotels) were over $100 each person.

After Dd tried boogie boarding she wasn't too keen on the surfboard lessons any longer.  My mom suggested we take one of the snorkeling cruises, so we jumped on that idea! So much fun and worth the money.

Now I am back to work and back to trying to save.  (I only spent $165 on the trip).  Ds really needs new eyeglasses and I finally have the extra money for that.  We are going to try a different place that offers 2 pairs and free eye exam for $70.  We'll see if that's what it actually costs, I'm sure it will be higher, but the other places I priced out would be at least $200, so even if I get out of there for $150 I will be happy.  Next paycheck my plan is to get Dh into the eye doctor for glasses.

I also got news today that my company is switching health insurance plans effective next month.  I don't have all the details yet (next week) but looks like we will have a copay of $20 instead of $25.  Other than that it looks pretty similar.  My regular doctor takes this plan, but it doesn't look like my chiropractor does (I am double checking on this).  That is very disappointing as I love my chiropractor and usually go every 6 weeks.  But I guess I can find someone new if I have to.  Just off the top (with the # of visits I go per year) I will save at least $50/yr.  Every little bit helps.

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