Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Good news

My doctor called me at 5:30 this evening. The HepC RNA test came back completely negative. There is no HepC virus in my blood. Whew! What a relief not to have to deal with that going forward.  She said either the reactive test is a false positive or at some point I was exposed to it in a small amount and fought off the infection myself, but with no risk factors on my part, she seems to be leaning toward the false positive.


  1. What a relief. Awesome news!

  2. Great news and... may I say I told you so? :) Take care!

  3. Happy to hear this. I have a several friends who had/have it. I have some reformed friends with sketchy pasts and I am sure they got it via iv drugs. Anyway, one was cured, 2 others are managing and one friend is in pretty poor health because of it, from what I understand. The cure is fairly new, 5 years or so and if insurance does not cover it, VERY expensive - as you pointed out. I am glad you got good news. You are going to need your strength for this house build!