Saturday, May 12, 2018

Busy Saturday morning

Yesterday was my half day Friday. After I got done working we took a drive around to look at river levels at some of the lower areas. It's right up there and flowing like crazy. Spent the rest of the day listening to DH non-stop about how mad he is at the excavator and our builder. After a while all I just hear is "blah blah blah wah wah wah", especially after he's repeated himself half a dozen times. I don't know why he has such a hard time sending them a message to ask what's the status of getting back to work on it. Finally, I said give me his number and I'll text him then! About 5pm he texted the excavating guy. We hadn't heard from him since he worked on our property Tuesday, pulled off the job at the end of the day and said "he'd be right back to it". About an hour later he did reply back and said he would be back at it on Monday. DH then messaged the builder to update him. He said he is also sending a guy back on Monday.....because the sealing of our foundation of the house was kind of done half-way. The kid had said he really needed another 5 gallons of the stuff. So, in parts it was very thin and even missing in some spots. And he has a couple other small jobs he can do while he's got a worker out there.

DH is still working on the foundation forms around the two gate piers. He got one done yesterday and ran out of screws and ran out of lumber. We decided to go into the city this morning and go to Lowe's to get all that and we had a Dewalt battery to pick up that came free with a tool we bought a couple of weeks ago, but they had to order. When I was picking up the battery I noticed a sign that said yesterday and today only save an additional 10% (instead of the usual 5%) when using your Lowe's card. I always use my Lowes card (and then pay off) to get the 5% and was happy to see we would get another 5%, especially since we were spending a bunch today. We saved $37. Paid for the gas fill up in my car.

We drove separate vehicles, so he could load up his pickup with all the lumber and head back to get to work. I then went grocery shopping. Very much due for a big shopping trip. We were just about out of everything. I was getting him some Claritan at Target and they were having a buy 2 get $5 giftcard, so I went ahead and got two of them. Then the big case of toilet paper I was buying had a "save $1.50 now" coupon on it, so saved some more.

I then went on to Super Walmart. The reason I just didn't get it all at Walmart is I knew there was no way I could fit everything in one cart, so I got the big case of tp and laundry stuff at Target.  The main reason I wanted to shop at Walmart was for their steaks prices. Well, wouldn't you know it, they did not have any "thin ribeye" steak in stock! Grrrr...  I loaded up first with 2 big cases (40 bottles each) of water. Man those were heavy and then stocked DH up on 6 12 packs of Mtn Dew. The cart weighed a ton already and was exhausting to push around the store for the rest of my shopping. Next time I have to do that by myself I think I'll get the pop and water, pay for it and go unload in car, and then come back in and shop for the rest. They also apparently don't carry the chopped up green onions in the produce department anymore. Last two times I checked no luck. I love that little container of chopped green onions. They freeze great and I can just take out what I need for cooking.

DD's future SIL is holding steady and they are just waiting for a match for the transplant to get done. What an ordeal for them all.  DD has been stressing trying to make sure her dog is taken care of, since they have had to be gone so much this past week and the hospital she is at is an hour from their home. She was trying to find someone to take him for the weekend or at least go to their house and potty break him. Like she said - where are all the "friends" when you really need them. It sounds like my mom might go up to her house tomorrow (it's almost a 2 hour drive for her) and watch the dog and spend the night.

I'm going to have some lunch (leftover spaghetti) and finish watching a show on Netflix. I've been watching that new "Lost in Space" show. It's pretty good. I like space type shows usually. As good as any of the other junk that's on tv, I guess. I finished a book last night that's the first in a 3 book series, but book 2 is still on hold with library, so it will be a while before I get to read that.


  1. Nice savings! Any chance you or your hubs have any military service? I'm a Navy vet (crazy, I know!) and get a 10% military discount. Nice thing is that they let you stack this with other discounts.

    I wonder if it would be easier (and possibly cheaper) to buy water by the gallon instead? Although I mostly drink our well water, I keep a case of water on hand to grab a bottle when I go out and about. Those cases are heavy!

    I hope things improve with your builder. This is far too early to have so much frustration.

    1. No, neither of us are military. DH drinks those little ice tea packets you pour into the bottle of water and they are easy for him to take with him anywhere, so that's why we've always bought those. I've tried making a jug of it but the taste kind of gets weird after a day or two sitting in the fridge.

    2. Makes sense. Hopefully the water at your new house will be better!