Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Today's chit chat

The fence guy (and his son) got started yesterday. They got all the post holes dug and posts in concrete. He had to re-do all the posts that were in the existing fencing. Again....done half-assed. Dug deep enough, mostly filled back with dirt and just a little concrete. Apparently not how you do it. Now he has to let them sit for about 4 days or so and then he'll be back to finish. It's going to be so much nicer for the dogs to have more space....though right now there is no fencing at all for them, as he had to take down the chainlink. So, now we have to be out with them each time they go out. That's kind of annoying, but hopefully he'll be back soon and finish up.

Today DH is starting on his garage shelf project. I had found this on Pinterest some time ago and he's doing something like this:

Our Big Shelf - Custom Garage Overhead Storage Installation ...:

This should keep him busy for a few days, except of course he has to paint the wood!

We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow morning. We had a couple of weeks of really nice warm, near 60 degree weather. Then it started raining this weekend, but still fairly warm.Not really what I expected for November here, but works for me.

DD and her BF's house purchase is moving right along. Now closing has been moved up to Dec 13. After the inspection, I guess they made a revised offer and asked for $6000 towards their closing costs and the seller agreed, so they were really happy about that. She is pretty bored with her job. Just not enough to keep her busy. She plans to stick it out for a year and then look for something new and more challenging.

My half sister is a grandma now. That baby boy is the cutest thing and she is, of course, very in love with him :)

I'm going to our annual year end company meeting mid-December and my boss has been nice enough to book me a flight over there. I'll fly in Thursday evening, go to the meeting on Friday and visit DD and my mom through the weekend and fly home Sunday afternoon.


  1. Wow, your daughter got $6,000 back by asking. Good for her/them. Smart cookie. Anna

    1. It was her agent's idea, she suggested to ask for 3k and her mortgage broker, said, no, try for $6k and seller accepted. I'm so glad I hooked her up with this mortgage guy. He is awesome.