Friday, July 1, 2016

What is this world coming to?

We had a showing on our home this morning. DH always reviews our security camera's when we get back. Curious to see who looks at it, mostly, but he also watches to make sure none of the expensive tools and stuff in the shop disappear.

This morning it appeared to be a young realtor (and also evident by her business card left) and she brought her young son with her. With them was an older lady, probably in her 70's. We have one camera inside the house, in the family room. The kid couldn't have been more than 8 years old, if that. He saw the camera and proceeded to make faces, wave his arms in the air, turn around and shake his butt.  Then when his mom and the other lady walked out of the room, he turned around to make sure she wasn't watching him, looked back at the camera, shook his crotch, flipped it off and then proceeded to make what looked like some kind of gang sign! Unbelievable!

In the craziness of yesterday. At the same time as I'm trying to work on financing and finding out the buyer rescinded, I get an email from the original lender who has been having her underwriter go through all my stuff (and see if I can do the conventional mortgage with them on the little house in town). She emails me that the bank that has our mortgage is reporting us late as of May this year. is that possible?  I've never been late in 27 years of mortgages. All the other lenders the past 3 weeks have been telling me nothing is being reported. I called Chase last week to ask them to start reporting and they told me they won't report it, since I didn't re-affirm. So how can I be showing as late?

Who knows. She is having some credit repair company they use look at it. I called Chase yesterday and they say, no - you are not late and emailed me a report history of the past year of payments. This banking/lending/credit business is seriously messed up.

We have another showing that just got scheduled for this afternoon.


  1. Too bad you can't show it to the realtor

    1. we can make little "clips" of the video. I should email it to her. haha.

  2. Well that kid will fit right in to your neighborhood if the old lady buys your house. lolz

  3. Oh, I would show it to the realtor AND make a little video to send to the grandmother or the child's mother. You could put it on youtube--videos from prospective buyers. It might go viral and you could make a ton of money.

  4. Oh wow! How about putting out there on You Tube & then putting the link here so we can check it out!! You can't leave us hanging like this!! lol

  5. Super unprofessional of the realtor. If she is bringing her child with her she needs to have him by her side ALL the time and not out of sight. I would call her and have a little talk with her. Not cool. It's still your house and your things in it. You deserve respect.

  6. Gah! The little brat! Def show the realitor and ask that kids not be left unattended!

  7. I would definitely be letting the realtor know what her son did. If her client had seen it, it could have compromised her sale.