Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lost and found

Lost: another (most likely) baby wild animal in our yard. This time a tiny baby bird that must have fell out of the nest. Hard to find a nest in this big bush. It's this thick evergreen thing. DH read up on what to try to do, so he used an old hubcab and put a "nest" in it and set it up on top of the bush. Hopefully momma birdie will find it and feed it still. It looked too young and little to have been pushed out/ready to leave.

Found: MY DEBIT CARD!!!! I was over at the store (who's gas station I might have dropped it at) this morning, using the bank inside and decided what the heck - I'll go ask customer service if anyone might have turned it in. They had it!! Wooooo!! I was just about to cancel it later today since it never showed up in my car or house.

Got my mid year bonus yesterday and that is sitting in savings now. Very nice :)  Plus in addition to your half day/work remote every other Friday, we also get to work remote that following Monday. So, since Monday's are one of my office days, I'll have two less commutes per month. Another nice perk - especially for all those who don't typically work remote.

We had a good showing Thursday night. They had lots of questions yesterday thru their agent and are coming back again this afternoon to show another family member. I'm assuming it's probably the husband or boyfriend - appeared to be a lady and her mom with her looking at it, Thursday night. Keeping fingers crossed!

We have decided to keep trying to sell - we want out of this area. I've tweaked our "Plan B" with a little bit of creative financing and can make that work, if it turns out that we sell our house.  I've already been approved for the little house. I would just put the very minimum down on it, out of our proceeds. The rest of the proceeds, plus a small personal loan of about $10k, will go to pay cash for the land. All in all, it's still financing the same amount between the two of them, and instead of having half a house payment and half a land payment, we'll have a house payment. a small personal loan payment and no land payment. And with the house only being $125k to begin with, it's like hardly a house payment anyway (at least compared to what I currently pay out a month in mortgage) and way less than we could find to rent some place.


  1. Sounds like things are shaping up for "Plan B". Sometimes things are destined to be different than what we had thought. Glad you found your debit card. Losing something like that is such a hassle.

    1. I'm not sure anything in our life has ever gone as planned, LOL. Just gotta keep plugging along at it. I am so happy to have found my debit card, what a relief.