Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pharmacy changes

I've used Target pharmacy for years. Loved it. But since they have become CVS it's become a hassle for me. First off, my long time medication that has always been part of the $4/mo or $10/90 day supply isn't part of the CVS program, so now I'm supposed to pay $12 a month there for it. No thanks.

Plus they keep sending me texts that my prescriptions (I have 3 there) are ready to be picked up, when I just filled them 2 weeks earlier. Then when I question them they get all confused and don't know what is going on. Finally, I just stopped in there yesterday and told them I don't need the 2 re-fills right now, my insurance covers them being refilled at 30 days, not 15, and that I was transferring the one back to Walmart, for the better price.  I'd much rather pay $10 for 3 months than $12 a month.

And when we move it should be easier to just use Walmart and as I was just online, doing the prescription transfer to Walmart (that sure was easy to do) I see they will even mail it to me, so once we move and aren't close to town, that will probably be what I do. Make life simpler.

Heartburn has been better since Friday night. I had it a little bit last night, but not bad and only lasted about an hour.

Even though our real estate agent's broker and the buyers (that rescinded offer) agent's broker both say the earnest money should go to us, the buyers keep wanting to fight it, so we just decided we'd accept splitting it with them and be done with it.

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  1. I'm with ya on hating the change from Targer pharm. to CVS. My usual script there WAS $10/90-day. Now, CVS says they'll only do 30-days at a time for $10/30-day! Grrrrrr. Gonna have to look further & make a change - not going to put an extra $20 in their pockets!!