Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday this and that

I'm working from home today. DH is sick in bed and I want to keep an eye on him, keep the dogs out of his hair and get his laundry done, while I get some work done. I has written this long paragraph about it, but deleted it. It is what it is and he's a typical man when he's sick.

DD is almost done with tennis. She had her last regular match earlier this week and tomorrow and Saturday is supposed to be sub-district matches.  Only there is like 80% chance of rain, so I don't know how this is going to happen. She asked her coach what happens and she said they will do it Monday all day......well, DD works Mon-Fri mornings and doesn't know who she can get to cover her shift (they only have one host those mornings and the weekend hosts go to school) if she has to play tennis. I can tell it's all stressing her out.  I think she's just ready to be done with tennis! She didn't get to play singles, like she really wanted and get this....the girl who got to play first singles all season is blowing off sub-districts because she supposedly has a first aid class she wants to go to on Saturday. Coach was pretty mad and then says to DD "do you want to play singles then?" and DD is like "no.....I haven't gotten to play all season, I'm not seeded for singles (she and her partner are 2nd seed in the district for doubles play) and it wouldn't be fair to my partner to not play with her".  At her match the other day, they were getting beat pretty bad (this team is undefeated) and playing the district first seed doubles team, but she and her partner did have some great shots and one of DD's really good shots even got a "Nice shot <insert name>" by the other teams coach. I was impressed that he knew my daughters name! Shows he really pays attention to the sport he coaches. No wonder his team is undefeated.

Yesterday she practiced with some guys from the boys tennis team (they play in the Fall) and kind of reconnected with a boy who was her boyfriend for a short time back in 6th grade.  I remember him as kind of a chubby kid - but he grew tall and lost all that baby fat! Nice looking boy. Turns out he will be going to the same college she is going to and he and another of his friends will be joining the tennis club there. DD wasn't sure if she was going to do that or not, but I think knowing that she will now know some players, it will change her mind. Plus, she has until next spring to decide. By then she'll be wanting to play tennis again, I'm sure.  Her coach keeps their names on little tags she hangs on a board for their team ladder matches. DD got hers to keep yesterday and put in on her key ring. It's been the same tag coached used for 4 years. She started out as #10 on the ladder her freshman year and worked her way up to #1 junior and senior year.  Nice little memento :-)

Yesterday we dropped her prom dress off to be altered. It's a little big in the top area. Almost $50 to have it taken in - eek! I was expecting maybe like $30.  Oh well.

I am finally going to get some estimates on what it will cost to repair/remodel our bathroom. I hope I have enough money. By the end of May's paycheck, I should have close to $4000 saved.  We have to get this done. At a minimum we need the subfloor and flooring replaced under the toilet and a new toilet. I'd also really like to have a new shower installed and ideally, I'd like the whole bathroom remodeled (nothing fancy - it's not like we need granite or anything), but that is more than likely more than I have to spend. I have a few phone numbers to call to set up getting estimates, but now I need to wait until DH is done being sick.  I have zero idea what it will cost, so hopefully what I have saved is at least enough to get the floor replaced and the new toilet. The floor is rotting underneath, due to a bad leak years ago from our hot water heater that is right on the other side of the wall next to the toilet. Over the years the wood has apparently been gradually rotting out from being wet for that time years ago.  I'm worried DH is going to fall through the floor like the clip from that new movie "Neighbors"!

My desk and cabinets are overflowing with paperwork and crap.  In addition to all the side job paperwork I have to keep and file one of my upper cabinets is crammed with my papers and junk. Some of the junk being several big printer cartridges. I used to take them to Staples for the credit (most from my printer at work and some from home printer) but they just kept piling up and I just kept forgetting to take them (plus they only give $2 store credit now).  I finally just decided to throw them out. I need to get cleaned up and organized and the $12 isn't worth my time right now! So in the trash they went. (I know, not very green of me, but we do recycle just about everything else). I just needed to get this cleaned out and see some quick progress. And guess what I found? the box to my Nook reader, so now I can work on listing that for sale - probably just try and sell it on Craigslist.

I'm not really looking too forward to Mother's Day on Sunday.  Half of my heart is gone and it will just be a reminder of how broken it feels.  I know DD will do her best to make me feel special, but it will still be really hard (I'm tearing up right now just writing this). I still cannot believe he did this to us. 

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