Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gas, bananas, and curtains

I'm saving about 10 bucks today - my wonderful boss sent me an email this morning to work from home today, if I'd like. It's a beautiful, sunny, 72 degree day, today and I'm supposed to enjoy the sun from a home window, while working.  Though we both know my desk at home doesn't sit near a window, LOL. I did take an extra few minutes outside with the dogs this morning enjoying the morning sun and listening to all the birds chirp. One dog found a dead garden snake on the fallen tree that is in our "park" area. Yuck. Something got to it and didn't quite leave it all together.

It's 80 miles round trip to my work (usually 3 days a weeks) at at 29mpg and current gas prices it cost me about $10 a trip. I'll also save $20 in gas next week, as Monday is a holiday and I'm also taking Tuesday off. This extra $30 total can help pay for the $50 alteration bill on DD's prom dress, that we go pick up today.

I speed worked on a short project so I could take about a 15 min break and make some banana bread (I usually work at a pretty quick pace as the norm, but figured that would justify the break!). I had a whole batch of very overripe bananas about to be tossed in the garbage last night (thankfully I didn't) because I wouldn't have time to make bread out of them. Usually I can't keep enough bananas in the house, but DH hasn't been feeling well, so not eating any or drinking his shake I usually put them in. I use an old recipe out of a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that calls for shortening. I was just a tad short, so I just added margarine to make it up. I was also just about a 1/4 cup short on flour (I need to stock up the pantry, it appears) but found some whole wheat flour DD had bought for some recipe she made awhile back, so I threw that in with the regular flour. There was enough for 2 loaves and soon I should be smelling baked banana bread!

DD is working her last shift as a host this morning. Starting Thursday she will be a server. She's not sure of what her "regular" schedule will look like, but she has nothing else going on until she goes off to college next September, so she is willing to work any shifts they give her.

DH is mowing the lawn right now. I've always liked that sound of a lawn mower (as long as I don't have to do it -haha!). First he did a bit with the weed-eater and now he's riding around on the mower. Our older dog hates when it's lawn mowing day, so he ended up back in the house laying here at my feet.  Young pup is game for anything that keeps him busy, so he's enjoying following along.  DH carries the "chuck-it" tennis ball thrower with him and pup will drop his ball in his path, so he has to divert a bit, reach out and pick up the ball and give it a toss. They have their routine down :-)

I had been thinking about getting new curtains for our bedroom windows, and then DH made a comment that he'd like some curtains that cover the windows to block out some of the morning sun (since he sleeps a good bit of the morning). A few quick looks at some stores and the only stuff I was even kind of liking would have cost me $80 to do 2 windows. I finally found something I liked at Walmart, they came in a complete 5 piece (2 panels, valance and 2 ties) set and were only $10 each! The picture is kind of dark, but these are totally sufficing for what we need. They look ok with my dark cherry furniture and do a great job of blocking out some of the sun/light. They are kind of silky, which I'm glad because I wasn't really liking all the "canvas" type ones I was finding in my price range.

The picture came out dark, but looks a lot better than what I had on there for years and years. I only had some white lacy valances on top with the white blinds. Didn't match the room at all anymore. That big planter next to the lamp needs a plant! It died and I haven't replaced it yet.

It's been nice to start using the BBQ again (did you know there is an app to check your propane tank to see if it's getting low?! Is there an app for everything?).  Sunday our good neighbor was out mowing his yard all afternoon, so we asked him if he wanted to join us for BBQ burgers when he got done. We had a nice visit and meal of just good old cheeseburgers and some potato chips. We talked about the neighborhood issues and joked about moving and neighbor said we can't move for 3 more years. huh? we laughed.....he said because if we move he's following us to be neighbors and he has SO much stuff it would take him 3 years to organize, downsize and pack it all up! Haha!

I picked up some perennial plants to plant in our new driveway island. We got those planted on Sunday and it looks really nice (though we still need to get some more blocks to actually finish the border of the island). We decided we need one more plant, so I am going to pick up another "grassy" type plant and also put in a few solar lights. Last summer I found a guy that sells outdoor plants out of his home. They are all $5 each in 1 gallon pots. The 3 I bought last summer are still doing great, so that is where I got the plants for the island and we also picked up a raspberry and bluberry plant to put in on our our whiskey barrel planters.

Well, back to work.  I can totally smell the banana bread. One of my favorite things to eat, though I hardly ever take the time to make it.


  1. That's awesome to get a day to work from home. Hope the banana bread comes out great with the subs! Sometimes changing a recipe a bit can give you a better result than originals.

    1. The banana bread turned out fine with the little bit of added subs. Yay! But I have 2 different loaf pans (one very old hand me down) and one new one. I baked both together at the same time and the bread in the newer loaf pan got done quicker and was a bit overdone on the bottom of the bread :/