Monday, April 14, 2014

False alarm

Yesterday morning I had just gotten out of the shower (trying out the new shower head I had just put on! It was nice!) and I hear DH yelling at me that the phone was ringing (he was still in bed) and I grab it and it's someone from my mom's security system company notifying me her garage alarm had gone off and they couldn't reach her.  I assumed she was at her boyfriend's for the weekend, as she is almost every weekend. I tried to call her cell and house just to see and no answer So, DH and I quick put on some clothes and run over to her house to check on it. We pull up and her car is out of the garage and parked on the street and her golf cart is parked on the side of her driveway. Everything else looked ok. Hmm.  What the heck? In my rush and also my thought that she wasn't home, I didn't bring her house key with me. I didn't want to set her alarm off again, if we opened her door as I didn't know how to turn it off.  I tried calling a couple more times and of course she never answers her cell phone (drives me nuts) and we started getting worried - what if she was in the house and something had happened to her? So, we drove back to our house, got her key and drove back to her house......pull up and find her boyfriends pick up backed up into her garage.  They had been at the hardware store and just got back as they had been doing some work inside her garage!  Geez! Give me a heart attack why don't ya!  She knew she had set off her alarm on the back door to her garage, but apparently didn't think it necessary to call her alarm company to tell them the error. Just glad all was ok and she felt really dumb. DH is like "Just start answering your phone!"


  1. Don't you hate things like this, but then you are so happy everything is okay......

  2. That's scary... I think I would've broken into the house, haha. Glad it was nothing serious.