Friday, April 11, 2014

Another week gone by

It's been a busy week.  A special one time project at work keeping me busy and my boss had to take some time off to go care for her aging parents.  Add in the extreme stress the 3 of us are feeling over my son and his choices and it's been another crappy week.

DD and I did get away for the weekend to visit her university. There was an all day "preview" for incoming Fall students and her out of state roomie and her mom flew in, so they got to meet and we all hit it off greatly. We enjoyed the weekend, as much as we could with the cloud that's been hanging over our heads of late. It was nice to have the money to do the weekend like we wanted to and not worry about it (though I wish we could have afforded a better hotel).  Honestly, neither of us really wanted to come home......

I took Monday off work just to sleep in and rest up. It was a ton of walking on Saturday, add in 2 nights of bad hotel sleep, and then a half a day of sightseeing on Sunday and I was exhausted.

The weather has been nice this week so DD got her 2 rained out tennis matches from before Spring Break made up this week. So far she has played 2 doubles matches and 2 singles matches, so coach is at least trying to let her play some singles. She has won all her matches so far! The singles were so fun to watch. Very close, but she stayed focused and pulled the wins out of them. One she won in a tie-breaker that she was down 1-5. There was no way I thought she'd win that! First to 7 points in the tie-breaker wins. They have to win by 2 points and she won the tie-breaker 8-6.

The neighborhood drug situation remains at a constant. We did have about a week and a half of very quiet (at least directly on our road) and it was so nice. But then renter's son moved back in and just took the place of meth-mom and all her activity.  Last night was apparently an arrest or two outside the drug house behind us. 3 cop cars, lots of lights and from what DH could gather on the scanner at least one person went to jail. This is the driver of the very loud import type car that goes back and forth from drug house behind us all day/night. He must run their drugs out to buyers. It's not a daily thing, but he has his busy times and it was very satisfying to know they finally got him. DH says the deputies usually report on the scanner that the vehicle is being towed off to impound after they make an arrest, but on this one the deputy actually reported he was following the tow truck en route back to the precinct, so we are taking it as they wanted to search it more thoroughly. There is also another car that frequents the house on our street quite often and it has always had a headlight out (how do they not get pulled over?!). I finally got the license plate# off of it and reported it as part of this drug problem, so maybe they will be on the lookout and get that one pulled over soon.

On my previous post a couple people asked what we plan to do. At this point we are just sticking it out and DH is doing his best to fight it (gives him something to do, right? ha). We are still probably about $40k underwater (due to taking out a HELOC in 2007, when DH was still working). The property values have really not come back at all, at least in our neck of the woods. Certainly not the 5% or so a year the news keeps reporting it is.  At this point our only option would be to just walk away from our mortgage and we aren't willing to do that - yet.  Plus, renters typically have a history of moving on and not staying at places too long, so we are hoping that is the case soon. One can dream, right?

I am just so tired and run down feeling.  At this point it's all I can do just to get myself to work each day and get the things done that must be done. Extra's I'm just too tired and exhausted to worry about. When I am stressed I just want to sleep - when DH is stressed he just wants to be vocal about it - all day long. So, we don't quite jive in how we are handling this. DD is just trying to focus on school and tennis, she doesn't say much about it.

I am hoping I am on target about a hunch I have about work......I think we might be getting an additional bonus based on last year sales. We got 10% of our salaries in bonus last year (1/2 paid out in June and December) but I'm having a hunch we might be getting an additional 10%! Being the accountant I see things the rest of the employees don't see, and a couple of weeks ago, when we were still trying to close up our books for 2013, she had me make a journal entry in 2013 to "accrue 10% bonus". Plus there was another bonus entry - but the owners and managers got paid that last what else can the other money set aside be for? Plus the dollar amount matches approximately the total bonus's paid out to us last year. And, we were all notified of a company lunch meeting coming up in a couple of weeks......if I am right that they are surprising us with this (and my boss will do her best to keep me in the dark - she'd do that payroll herself) it means I would be getting a bonus of about $7300! Boy, do I hope I am right on the money about this.

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  1. The bonus would come in handy. Sorry to hear about the other "drug issues" that continue in your neighborhood. Hoping that gets the attention required to get them out.