Saturday, February 1, 2014

Up and down week

This week had some ups and downs. A call on Wednesday from the deputy who has been doing the arrests. A prosecutor let 2 of his arrests go (remember the one found with a pound of marijuana?) stating he didn't show enough in his report to warrant the stops. The deputy was very upset, to say the least, as well as us. I think the guy who was found with heroin got a different prosecutor and that one kept him in jail. The deputy said they have to put an hour or two into each arrest report. He said he talked with the other prosecutor, who was helpful and gave him some tips on the best way to word the reports, so that the arrest sticks and they aren't let go the next fricken day. He also talked to his lieutenant who wanted a meeting with my DH, so he went over to the precinct Thursday and had a good meeting with him. He went prepared.  He took a map with him, to explain the 3-4 properties involved and where we sit (pretty much in the middle) of it all and which streets are involved.

Another deputy called yesterday and said he is also now assigned to this problem, so now we have 2 (or 4, I guess they work in pairs per car) and said the Lt. told them that this is their only assignment right now until it is resolved. They had already made 2 more arrests that night before (unknown to us) and so far one of those arrests and another they stopped to talk to ratted out a bit what is going on.  That is their plan right now - to keep trying to stop and make arrests as these cars leave our neighborhood and hopefully get them to rat and use that as evidence for warrants to search the places. I guess at some point they then have the drug task force come in and finish it up.  I am hopeful we won't have to deal with this much longer. This deputy also said that their Lt. talked with the prosecutor who let the 2 guys go and explained this is a known drug house they have busted before and they are working it. The prosecutor changed her mind and had them re-write the reports "better" so apparently the charges stick again, so they have warrants out for their arrest again.

DS was turned down for his work visa. Without going into all the detail, it's ridiculous reasons and now we are dealing with a 22 year old who thinks he has the answers to his dilemma, but they are stupid and risky and not supported by us (though he has the support of those he is staying with and his girlfriend, of course). Like I told him - at this point (since he is NOT a self sufficient adult), his risks are my risks and I can't afford any of it, nor can he.  Not sure how this will all turn out......we could end up having to cut him loose financially, but we are not going to support stupid decisions that could/will affect his life. So, this has been no fun at all, to say the least. I swear that kid cannot get a break (it's tough being a white male in these times), which is so sad because he is such a good, smart person, who just wants a job, for goodness sake.


  1. So sorry to hear that all the t's weren't crossed and the i's dotted. Govt. bureaucrats are a PITA no matter WHICH country!
    Tell him not to try to end run the govt.laws. Canada is serious about not letting aliens in for ANY purpose if you get on their list as an unwanted person. Making stupid decisions now may impact him from being banned there for life.

  2. I am sorry that your son is going through this and understand that Canada is serious about there laws but am a little confused what does(it's tough being a white male in these times)" have to do with any of it? Maybe I missed something

    1. I just meant the preferences in hiring go to the minority applicants first (and probably with work visa approvals, too). He is not some person who wants/needs to get out of their country because of their poor quality of living, poor living standards, opressed gov't, etc, yet he was denied because he doesn't have strong enough ties to the US. Ridiculous.