Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's only Tuesday?

DD is a host at the restaurant where she has worked the past year and a half. She has gotten to fill in as a server quite a few times the past few months and she'd really like to start serving all the time, but they just don't have any server openings yet. The young people that work there tend to stay! It's a good workplace and about the only time one of them leaves is they decided to go off to college somewhere.  She got to fill in last night as a server and was so excited when she got home because she got a $40 tip - from one table. It was a party of 10 and she said their bill was like $140, so that is an awesome tip.

DH very much enjoyed his all day gun training/defense course that he went to with our neighbor. He will probably do a second course sometime. It was taught by a cop, ex-Navy seal guy.  DH is super tired and sore all over by over-doing it for 6-7 hours, but he said it was worth it. He can take the next few days to just rest and get back to "normal" pain level.

I have been trying to get a refill on one of his medications and it's getting ridiculous! Our doctor's office has an online program where you can request refills and request which pharmacy to send to. I knew he'd be out of his refills for this med on Sunday so I gave the doctor office plenty of notice - I requested the refills last Tuesday afternoon! I totally meant to call the pharmacy on Friday just to make sure they had the prescription, but totally forgot until Saturday morning. I called the pharmacy and sure enough, they never got the prescription refill. This is not a med to stop suddenly taking, so they gave me a 3 day emergency supply for him. I called the doctors office yesterday and had to leave a message with support staff - asking to call my cell and let me know this was taken care of and that it needed to be done in the next day or so, as I only had a 3 days supply for him. No call. So, now I have to spend time again today, trying to make sure this got refilled.  Is it really that hard?! What's the point of the online refill request if it doesn't work or they just don't do it. GRRR.....

I don't know why but I just realized the other day I will probably need new tires on my car soon. They have 55,000 miles on them. I don't know why I haven't thought of this sooner, but guess I'd better be budgeting $600 for this in the near future. I should be able to save for most of it over the next few months and if nothing else I have my emergency savings I can draw from.


  1. Yeah, tell me about the medical calls b/c folks can't get their proverbial shit together and take care of stuff.
    I am on Week FIVE of just such a saga.....so sick of this!!
    Good luck on yours.

    1. apparently the doc's office called the house (not my cell as I requested) and let DH know, who of course didn't remember to tell me. I got the prescription picked up yesterday and there are 5 refills, so good to go for another 6 months.