Saturday, November 17, 2012

Turkey and crab

I did some "2 week" grocery shopping yesterday in order to get a free turkey.  The grocery store offered up to a 24 pound turkey for free if you spent $150.00. I figured I might as well just shop for more than a week and get a free one. Picked out a 19 pounder. It was probably more like "12 day" shopping since when trying to plan out 2 weeks of dinners I got stuck and still needed something on the menu plan for 2 of the days. Nothing was sounding good...or we just had it recently...and I think I'm just getting tired of the same meals all the time.

Anyhow - my total came to $185. Gulp. The register was showing $230 before the checker hit the magic button and my store card savings and coupons came off. That was scary for a minute!  But I did add to my stockpile. Lots of soup, canned veggies and 24 packs of soda for $5 ea. It was so nice to be able to put the extra Thanksgiving refrigerated items out in the extra fridge.

And I totally splurged on a very rare purchase - Alaskan King Crab Legs for $13.99 a pound. I think the last time (like a year ago) I bought some it was closer to $25/lb. I spent $42 for 12 King crab legs and we are having a feast on this for tonight's dinner! Yum. My absolute favorite food, besides cheesecake...oooh I should make a cheesecake :)  All 4 of us love crab, which is saying a lot as DS is so picky. Much cheaper than going out to eat (and I'd never order that at a restaurant -way too expensive!) and the last time we had dinner out at a restaurant was almost 2 months ago. So, I guess this is our little family dinner get together. One of the few meals we will all get together, as soon DS won't be able to have any dinners with us for many weeks.....More on that news to come!

Lots of housecleaning plans for this weekend on tap. I need to get it "guest ready" for our family coming over on Thanksgiving. I hate housecleaning and for some reason I hate doing it even more when everyone else is in the house. I don't know why it bugs me. If I'm alone I can seem to get a lot done and don't mind it so much.  DD is at work this morning and I think once DH and DS get up they will probably be doing stuff in the shop or outside, so maybe I will actually get something accomplished.

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  1. Sounds like somebody had a delicious dinner planned:) I don't even remember when was the last time we had crab...Yum!