Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Monthly numbers report

Here's December. Some good, some not - or pretty much non-existent. 

401k - continues to go up and I was hoping to make it over $75,000 by 12/31. It was $74,866. So close! But today it shows it made it over, to $75,639. Plus my company will be funding their matching and profit sharing for 2017, which will add a little over $4000 to my balance in the near future.  Technically, from 11/30 to 12/31 it was a $988 increase.

Google adsense: $27.37. I think my best month so far and I've reached the $100 threshold again, so will get another payment from them.

Credit score:  743, up from 740. It shows it will update again in 2 days and I will see then what it is. All good, in my book, for applying for the construction/mortgage loan.

M-Turk - I've totally not done anything in last couple of weeks. I think I might have earned about $23, which is my last transfer of earnings I did.

Swagbucks - I can't seem to get the activity report to work, it will only show 3 days of the month. I have about an $18 balance in there, so I am thinking that is about what I probably earned. I'm waiting for $25 and will cash out for a gift card or Paypal transfer.

Bonus's: $635 from side job, $3900 from regular job.

When I was trying to track my bonus check package via USPS the week before last, I came across something new with post office (or at least new to me). Have you heard of "Informed Delivery"? You need a USPS account (which I already had set up) and it will show actual photo's of mail that is on it's way to you! It will email you a daily digest of mail that is on it's way to you and also show when it's delivered. Kinda neat. I kind of like it in regards to having a PO Box.....let's me know if I have mail to pick up and/or worth the trip to the post office. LOL. When I first logged in my USPS account, it still had my old address and showed a piece of mail to there! It was kind of strange because it wasn't addressed to the name of the woman that bought our house, but I know she still lives there/owns the house.

I think I am going to lower our Dish satellite down to a smaller package. I think I can save at least $20 a month or more. I'm going to do a bit more research, but looking at their "smart pack" and their "flex pack". It appears both have Fox News and Discovery, the two main channels we watch.

We've started setting our computers to "sleep" mode when we aren't on them. Hoping that cuts down some on electricity usage. Electricity is so expensive here. 


  1. "sleep mode" uses electricity. Why not just "shut down"? Actually, unplugging it from the source of electricity cuts all electrical use, even better than "shut down." Plug computer, any other components into a surge protector and shut that off with one button.

    Good job on raising credit store.

    1. we'll try sleep mode and maybe it will help a bit. I have read (and our former IT guy also said) it's harder on them to shut/down power up daily than to just leave on. I don't want to have to wait to power it all up every morning when it's time to get to work.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm not exactly sure "how" it works, but I kept getting notifications from them saying I could earn about $11/mo based on my traffic to my website. I signed up through Blogger (I don't recall exactly how now). Once you earn $100 you can get paid out, deposited direct to your bank account. You can choose where to place the ads and some other criteria. It was fairly easy to do. Just kind of set it up and forget it. It's accessed via your blogger dashboard/settings page