Thursday, January 26, 2017

Spendy day

I went ahead and ordered the electric blanket. I found a 20% of coupon in "my account" with BB&B. The blanket was $155 (OUCH!), less $31 for 20% off and less $50 gift card, so I was out of pocket $74. Hopefully it lasts a good long time. I saw the heated mattress pads and considered those, but they are same price too. I've never tried flannel sheets but I think I'd feel too warm in them all night. I have a feeling we'll just be using the heated blanket to warm up bed to get in and then turn it off for the night. Our down comforter keeps us warm, it's just that coldness the first few minutes of getting in bed that is rough (we must be getting old!). I also shopped thru Swagbucks site to make the purchase so should get some points back for that too.

Then DH decided to figure out what he wants to get for new work boots (I forgot about this) as his have finally worn out and the sole is splitting away. He wanted to get the same Timberland kind he has and found them on Timberland website for $127. I told him to send me the link as most likely I can find the same boot cheaper on another website. I decided to go with Amazon for $98. There was one place for a few dollars less, but since I just got a $25 Amazon giftcard code from Swagbucks, I decided to use that towards the boots, bringing my out of pocket down to $74 for that, too. Better than $127, for sure.


  1. I had an electric blanket when I was a kid. I frequently forgot to turn it off in the morning and would come home from school to find the cat curled up in my bed. :)

  2. Oh. Wish I had seen this sooner. You can pull back the covers and run an iron over your bed an iron to heat it. Takes seconds.

    1. I never would have thought of that! When the cold is really bothering me, I'll occasionally run a heating pad down my sheets. Takes the edge off and then I'm fine with our down comforter.

    2. I think I'm too lazy to get the iron out every night ;) Plus the top sheet is cold too. But that is a good idea.