Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hump Day

It seems like every week I go pick up our mail I'm getting some sort of money in the mail! Various refunds from escrow regarding our real estate sale and purchases. Rebate money. Class action settlement checks that I signed on for way back when. Gift card from boss. Last week was a check from Verizon (as DD switched to her own account and the acct had originally been set up in her name and we added on later) but that was in her name, so I had to mail it to her. LOL. $7.93 thank you very much. Then today I get a check for each DH and I for $8.93 from some Chase class action suit, where they apparently looked up customers credit info even though the accounts had been closed or something to that effect.  The other day I received my $30 rebate on the KitchenAid I bought for DD. This one was a visa card.  The checks I just keep putting in my savings account.

DH just got this snow roof rake thingy he ordered on line. He's out there using it and thinks it's the greatest thing ever. Just in time, as we are supposed to get rain and good to get that snow off the roof, I guess, so it doesn't just turn to a bunch of ice.  He already told the guy across from us about it and told him he could use it too :)  I have a feeling he'll be taking it over to his friends place, too, and letting him use it.

Warming up here! supposed to get mid 30's and rain today and up to 40 degrees tomorrow. Our back patio and driveway are sheets of ice right now with the little rain we are getting.

A week ago or so I sent DH a link to some plans I found in Pinterest to make a wooden ladder for blankets. He kind of ignored me at first but in the email to him I said "might as well make 2, because as soon as DD sees it she will want one too".  He mentioned it yesterday and said he wanted to find some old barnwood to make (rather than just the 2x4 and 2x6 wood from hardware store the plans call for). He told me last night he's been looking on Craigslist for some old wood. Found a place near the city, so maybe next time we go in, we can check it out.  DD was messaging me the other night and said she wants to get a blanket ladder made (I never told her I asked her dad to make us). I showed the text to DH and said "see? told ya she'll want one too".  LOL.

I think the bonus check fiasco is finally/almost resolved. At least it has been confirmed they voided and reversed it, but it seems that maybe my regular job company was given the credit back for it, not the side job company. That little part needs to get confirmed, but it's resolved for the most part.The payroll company still doesn't quite know on their end which company they gave the credit for it to.

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  1. Glad you are getting your rebates. We had 3 from Black Friday and haven't received any of them yet. The status always says in received and in process.