Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Revmoving the crap :)

Monday we had our septic pumped for the sale. Tuesday the county health inspector came to inspect. First off $900 total cost for it! What a rip off! $440 for the septic pumping, the rest was county fees. So, DH is showing her where it is and she's telling him what a beautiful place we have and that the septic looks perfect. Then DH says to her "yes, it is, but what's the point?" and she's like what?

He points over to slumlandlords place. See that big shop? 3-4 people live in there and no one is supposed to be living inside it. See that tank at the corner of his shop? That's his "make shift" septic system. He turns on a switch and pumps it up into his septic tank on the upper part of his property. "oh, he can't have that". See that area with the 4 foot brush and weeds growing? that's his drain field. "oh, he can't do that".  See that single wide trailer that is about to fall over? someone lives in it. Then DH said, but you're (county) is not going to do anything about it, are you? The rules and laws only apply to those willing to comply with them.  Then he told her that's one of the reasons we are moving.

When the septic company came to pump on Monday they went to the street behind us (ie drug dealers house). I guess the mom came out, all suspicious, because it was an unmarked van, haha. Then they drove back to the last house to still look and turn around (they were then on slumlandlords 3rd lot). Then the dispatcher called DH to verify address and he says our street #, not the one behind us, and she said "oh, right, that is the street we have written down". DH tells her, tell those guys not to buy anything there, LOL - the sheriff has camera's. Her next comment was " wonder you are moving".

The 2 septic guys were like "that is scary/sketchy back there!"  Yep.


  1. wonder if the county lady will do anything more, now that your dh has told her those things?

    1. No, she/they won't. We have reported the issues for years, even our county councilman himself reported it! Nothing gets done, same as with sheriff.