Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Frustration is building

I'm frustrated and starting to get very ticked off (which takes a lot for me to get to that point). Our mortgage lady has gone MIA. Well, not completely, but apparently for me, she has. My boss also uses her (and was the one who recommended her) for her rental house mortgages. In fact, my boss apparently emailed her later Monday morning, hours after I emailed her, and she got a call or email back yesterday from her. Turns out she was busy all day Monday moving to a new office. Ok, I totally get that, but I now have 3 emails and 1 phone call into her, with no reply.

With our builder taking so long to get us the building cost numbers, time is short for us now. It apparently takes the construction loan at minimum 45 days to get processed. So at like 6:45am Monday morning I emailed her with all the info I had. Final building cost breakdown, copies of the architect drawn plans, title info on the land, along with a detailed email, that I know these numbers are higher than we anticipated, but we are also coming in with about $35,000 more of a down payment than we originally estimated, so will this work?

Tuesday morning, I realized that our last email conversation from last week, she had cc'd her assistant. So, I forwarded him my Monday morning email, saying sorry, I meant to cc him, too. No response. After my boss told me yesterday she heard back from her regarding her email from Monday, I called and got her voice mail and left a message asking her to please call me. No return call.

It's now mid day Wednesday and nothing. I sent her another email about 10:15 this morning saying this:
just checking back in with you on this -

If we can't get approved for this much and have to go to a "Plan B" for a different/less expensive house plan, I really need to get going on that asap. After seeing the numbers this weekend, we did find an alternate house plan online and had the builder work up costs for us on that plan, as a back up plan just in case, but I would still need time to actually get the actual engineered set of plans ordered or drawn up.

Seriously, how long does it take to shoot back an email that says "hey, I'm really tied up right now and will get back to you at X time/date". Or....."hey, there's no way you'll be approved for this much, let's talk when I'm free at x time". Plus she has an assistant - actually she has 2 assistants - so no excuse that I can't at least get some sort of reply.

For fricks sake.


  1. I don't blame you for getting frustrated! This isn't really acceptable at all...especially since she answered your boss and has two assistants! Hopefully you will hear back very soon and she will have some sort of decent excuse!

  2. Can you not directly call one of her assistants? I'd have no problem putting her/them on the spot since she's obviously not even acknowledging your messages (when you know she's there since she got back to your boss!!). Seriously, WTH? Who treats customers like this???!!! Maybe you should take your business elsewhere?

  3. I second "take your business elsewhere."