Friday, May 27, 2016

Yay for Friday

My company also gave us today off, which is really nice. Usually we get it as a half day, plus Monday, but they like to give out extra perks.  I tried to sleep in. Just can't do it lately. Too much stress, so when I wake up at 6 or so, I can't go back to sleep.

Our realtor said this weekend is usually slow/dead for showings. Ugh. Half of the ones that bring their clients through here don't even give her any feedback. The one's that do, say they liked the place, but....they are just starting their looking process (most common feedback) or they decided it was too far to commute to their job.

I have to go over to my mom's for a bit today. She needs a virus protection put on her computer. She has a subscription to Norton, that's on her old computer. Her new computer came with a different program for 30 days free, but that is about to run out and she's freaking out about it. She called Norton to ask how to transfer the program she's paid for and still has 6 months left and they gave her some runaround that there isn't a way to do it online and that Windows 10 is going to be discontinued in a few months anyway because there are too many problems with. Nothing I can find on the web about that at all, let alone right on Norton's website is a very helpful page with video instruction on how to transfer your subscription to a new device! For some stupid reason, after talking to this lady my mom wanted me to come over and hook her old computer back up.  Are you kidding me?! Then she says that one of her neighbors figured out that their internet is slow because there is bad wiring in their mobile park. I said - well, is that for Comcast or Century Link internet? of course she didn't know. She might not even have the same internet service provider he is using.  Hopefully I can quickly get Norton back on her new computer and not spend all afternoon at it.

Well, gotta get DH his morning egg sandwich made and then outside to water all the flowers. It was supposed to rain last night, but nope.

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