Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday rambling

Not a whole lot happening this past week. Yesterday was a super nice day about 63 degrees. I did a bit of yard work and helped DH with some stuff. Now we are back to rain for the next week. I worked a half day on Friday and thought I'd get my shopping done at noon. I got to Costco at noon and it was a complete zoo. It took me 10 minutes just to get out of the parking lot at the light, because of road construction. Then I stupidly decided to to my grocery shopping at a different store. I get gas there and also had a $6 rewards coupon (sent out quarterly, this was from Christmas shopping there) to use up. This store is always a zoo too. I don't know where everything is, the aisles are narrow and by the time I'd find what I was looking for they either were out of it or didn't carry it. Or, way more expensive. Two thin ribeye steaks were $21. I get them for about $11 at Walmart. About halfway through my list and spending most of my time just trying to avoid running into all the other people, I said forget it, I'm done. Went and paid what I had and went and finished my grocery shopping Saturday morning at Walmart - where it's never that crowded and the aisles are twice as wide.

Another arrest made last night of one of our neighborhood scum. This is a woman, almost 40 years old, that sometimes (when they don't kick her out) lives with her parents down the road. She is a total PITA and directly involved with both the drug houses. She has a history of domestic violence and got arrested last night on Felony Domestic violence court ordered violation, malicious mischief and assault.  She apparently had warrant also, for failure to appear for her previous 2 similar charges. That part kinda makes me mad, because we have been reporting her and her constant activities in and out of our street for month and months, and the cops could have easily picked her up on her warrant any time. Anyhow - VERY happy that she is in jail, now too. I doubt she will stay there long, but better than nothing.

I've been working the numbers.....for mortgage loans, estimated taxes (new state has state tax) and estimated tax savings (no sales tax) etc. Mortgage lady got back to me Friday afternoon and told me we could do a $450,000 house, with the payment I want......but I think she was forgetting that I want a 15-18-ish year mortgage repayment plan. It does help that we'll have about 15% to put down (versus her 10% estimate). The highest I'd be comfortable going, with what we will have as a down payment and wanting to pay off before I'm 70 is $425,000 max. I'd rather be at $400,000. So, we'll see what this home builder guy says he can build us a 2000-2500 sq ft home and a shop for. If he's in our price range, then I  have a feeling we will build, unless we see something come up for sale that we fall in love with.  I have no plans to tell DH that she said $450,000 house (at 10% down).....because that's exactly what he'd start looking at. I've learned what I can and can't tell him, though sometimes I slip up.  Not this time. LOL.

I printed out the state tax return form and plugged in the numbers from my 2014 federal tax return. I really don't know what we spend per year here, on sales tax (non-food items) but I'm going to guess $100 a month. Net it all out and I'm estimating an additional $200 a month in taxes, but I'm probably guessing low on what we spend a year here, in sales tax. Sales tax gets added to a lot of our bills too....Comcast bill, gasoline, cell phone bill, etc. I'm sure I  probably spend more than $10,000 a year (at almost 10% sales tax) on non-food stuff.  I'll have to keep track for a month and see. I asked our friends what they have to pay in vehicle license tabs each year. It's quite a bit higher than what we pay, but anything over 11 years old can get a permanent tab for a flat $240, so we'd be able to do that for DH's pickup and not have to pay on it again.  Property taxes are lower, but we'll also be living in a more expensive house then we currently have, so will end up paying more than we do here.

I also just read a news article last night that says based on a recent study, May is the best time to sell a house in our market area. Perfect - as that is when we plan to list it. It said homes typically sell for 1.2% more here, in May, than other months. Well, for us that could be an extra $3000. That would pay our moving expenses.

DH's good friend took off last Monday for another trip to his new home in a new state. He has so much stuff to move, because he has a business with lots of tools and equipment. DH has helped him so much and he keeps telling DH he's going to fly back up here and help DH when we move. DH told him don't worry about it. He's doing it to keep busy. DH told me that he didn't tell him the real reason....because friend is a big old softy and he'd just start crying. DH spent over a year going through all his best friends shop, selling it all off, for his wife, after he died. The whole time he wished he'd have spent all that time in the shop with his friend before he got sick. So, he's going to spend as much time with this good friend (of over 30 years) as he can now. Yep, friend would have cried if he told him that's the real reason he was over there almost every day helping him.

On tap today is just cleaning house.  


  1. Just curious why you want such a big house? We had 5 people living here at our house is 2,150. With just the 2(sometimes 3 of us)it's way too big. A smaller house will mean a smaller price tag and less years or lower mortgage to pay it off. Are you sure you want to "have to" work til 70 to pay it off? Personally I wouldn't trade that much of my life/time/having to work for a house that will cost so much.

  2. I was going to write the same thing. We have a small 3 bedroom ranch and with both kids not at home our home seems to big. Whatever you decide be happy, but really think about having a mortgage till your 70.

  3. Oh, I am definitely thinking about it. Guess that's why I blog - to throw out ideas, which helps me think about them.

    I'd have to say there are quite a few reasons why I want a house at least 2000 sf. We like our space, is one reason.

    Our current house is a little over 1600 sf and even with just the 2 of us the past year and a half it hasn't seemed too big at all. Even though it's efficiently layed out (it's a mfg home) most of the rooms are way too small for me. The bedrooms are small. While we have a separate family room, the living room is tiny. Our shower stall in our master bath is so small that even my elbows hit the walls if I try to dry off inside. DH can barely move around in it. Our laundry room is tiny. I guess I'm thinking we'd need 2000 sf to get the room sizes we want and still have a 3 bedroom home.

    I can no longer stand clutter and anything smaller than what we have now would feel cluttered to me.

    Maybe it's just the area of the country we are moving to, but the houses are huge! Most of the homes for sale (at least the ones on a bit of property) are huge like 3,000-5000 sf and I'm looking at these going no way do I want a house that big. It's making it hard to find what we want. Most all the homes have basements (pretty much no homes have basements where we live now), which adds a lot to the sf.

    Whatever we get will be a house that we plan to live in for the rest of our lives, but if we aren't able to I want something that has good resale value. Small 2 bedroom homes don't. I have a feeling why that nice home I posted the pic of in last post has not sold after a year of them trying. It's too small.

    I'm sure there are smaller homes in town/in neighborhoods, but that is not for us at all. We want neighbors few and far between, so apparently the people who already built homes, now up for sale on larger properties didn't want to build small LOL.

    A mortgage until I'm 70 would be the least conservative I am planning. My budgeting this out for that long doesn't include any bonus pay in my budget, nor does it include any raises I'd get over the next 15 years of working (I do plan to work until I'm 67, to get the most soc. sec).

    We have lived in this mfg home for almost 30 years. I am due for a decent house, is honestly how I'm feeling right now, and working a couple extra years for it, seems worth it to me, at this point. I basically have never gotten to live in a "real" house my whole life. My mom always lived in trailers/mobile homes, then we lived in a very small condo. Then DH and I got married and got a small double wide for the first 4 years. Then this mfg home for the last 27.

  4. or maybe it's because we live out west, where 2000 sf doesn't seem that big? LOL. My step sis and her hubby have a 3350 sq ft home just for the 2 of them. My mom's BF's home is probably 2200 sf. I just want a more open floor plan, with good sized rooms.

  5. If you build your own home you can find a floor plan to gives you what you want/need for less sq. footage and on a big enough sized property I am betting.
    I know what you mean about trying to find it "all" with current housing inventory and on budget. Just remember that when you get older you may not want multiple stories and/or all that cleaning and maintenance(both yard and in the house). Plus if you are aging in place in the next home I wouldn't worry so much about resale value. Just a few thoughts.

  6. No, we really do not want a 2 story house, but almost all of the houses for sale are 2 story.

  7. and when we get old(er) we probably won't want a bunch of yard work, but for now, it's something we both really enjoy doing, so it's part of our plan. Other than the lawn, we tend to go for more easy care landscaping. I'm not ready for assisted living yet (LOL) so I'd like to have around me what I enjoy doing, and keeping a yard is one of them. I know some people don't like yard work at all, but we both enjoy being outside working in our yard, adding things to it, feeding the birds, etc. Our home will be our life, pretty much. We don't travel, we don't drink/smoke/party, we don't go out to activities that cost money very often, we don't have any other debt. We are homebodies and that is where our money will go toward.

    I guess I am different in that I will take into consideration resale value. If I've learned anything, it's that life never goes as planned and with DH's health, who knows if he'll live a long life or not? If something were to happen to him, more than likely I'd probably sell and downsize, if it's just me by myself. I'm pretty sure at that point, I'd be glad I had something marketable.

  8. I guess that I am also surprised that you want 2000+ square feet. Our house is a rambler and about 1700 square feet. We have an open floor plan and its very spacious. Our master bedroom is large--we have a king size bed and plenty of room still. The other two bedrooms aren't huge but I don't see why you would want huge extra bedrooms in your situation. If the cost to build is around $200 per square foot, decreasing the space by 200 would save you $40,000.

    I would actually go start looking at houses rather than just looking online so you can get an idea on what you like. Online pictures are deceiving and often don't give a good idea of what is or is not a workable space.

    I'm not saying that you don't deserve a nice house. I think everyone should have a great house. I do think that its worth it to hunt out the most efficient floor plan possible. I've been in plenty of houses that have wasted space, like a sitting area in a hallway, oversized formal dining room, huge islands that are too big for the rest of the house, laundry room plus utility room, etc.

  9. I agree with you about space. Our house has 2700 sq ft between main floor and the lower level. Everything we need is on the main level so we could live without stairs. I hate feeling crowded and I hate clutter but in a smaller house it could just mean choosing your furniture with an eye to that. I agree with other readers about not taking a mortgage that would run until you are 70. So many unexpected medical issues can arise once you get into your 60's. If you took a shorter mortgage and were fortunate enough to work into your late 60's it would be a bonus.

    1. with the exception of our bedroom furniture (king sized bed) we have a fairly small couch and just a recliner in our small living room. I also have an old wooden rocking chair in the corner of the room, that doesn't take up much space, but provides extra seating when we need it. Our dining table is on the small side too, so that is good. At my age (52) and due to our past financial mistakes (along with the real estate market crash), I am pretty much stuck with a mortgage until I retire. We just don't have enough equity in our current home for a down payment that would give us a 10-12 yr mtg. 15 yrs is my plan of payoff. If unexpected illness arises years down the road, well then I guess we'd just have to sell our home and figure something else out. I at least plan to work until I'm 67 (for max ss benefits). Like you said, anything after that is a bonus. Thanks for commenting!