Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday stuff

The weekend is upon us. Thank goodness. It was kind of a frustrating week, with all the computer problems at work. Turns out Windows 10 and Quickbooks Enterprise 16 aren't playing nice with each other yet, so I actually have my old computer back and using that for the time being.

My boss emailed back after my inquiry of the anniversary acknowledgement and said "LOL - I was just thinking of that on my way to work this morning. I thought it was this year....:("  

DH's friend, who is in the process of moving to Texas, flew back to spend some more time in his shop getting stuff loaded and then will drive his semi-truck down with a load. DH picked him and his wife up from the airport the other day and he spent last night helping him some and just left to go spend the day helping today.

I got my grocery shopping done this morning with a trip to Target and a trip to Walmart. I got myself a Starbucks mocha, while at Target. I still have $75 loaded in gift cards from Christmas and my birthday that I hadn't even used any of yet. It sure tasted good. Again, this week I managed to keep my grocery bill under $100. I had about $7 in Target gift card balances and used up those, plus I earned another $5 gift card for a purchase made. All in all I spent $90, plus got the $5 gift card.

I spent last evening watching a couple of episodes of the Amazon Prime series Bosch. Season 2 just started yesterday and I really enjoyed season 1 (and the books were really good). I'll probably catch a couple more episodes today, after I do a little house cleaning.

So, here's what my Dh just dealt with trying to drive out of our neighborhood.  Shuts our gate and sees a woman walking by at the end of our street, carrying papers acting all weird/high. He figured she might have just ripped off our mailboxes and there is a pick up truck parked down at the mailboxes and she keeps looking around like she's all paranoid. Then he sees she is crying, so he rolls down window and asks if she is alright. She says no, she just got beat up and could she have a ride somewhere. DH told her, sorry I can't give you a ride, but I can call for some help. So he called 911.  He tried to get out of her who beat her up, but she just said some guy and was pointing down in the direction of the drug house behind us. The cops came quite quickly (they have been much better about that lately, at least). She had a bruised face, swollen lip, etc. but refused to let them call in medical help. They did get out of her the name of the guy and her first name. Apparently he lives over in the other neighborhood near us, that has all the problems, too.  Will be interesting to see if they go find him and arrest him. I looked him up on Facebook and found him - looks like a wasted 60 year old junkie.

So, ya, another fun day in da hood.  Used to be this was middle/upperclass suburbia. We aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto.

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