Friday, October 9, 2015

Really TGIF

I'm so glad it's Friday. Back on Tuesday I was already feeling like it should be Thursday, so it's felt like a long week for some reason.

DH hasn't heard anymore back from the 2 news stations that had contacted him, so most likely that isn't going to happen. Our councilman has been out again, driving through. We told him about the newest RV to arrive and he drove into the culdesac to take pics of it and said he will report it (I reported it to our county code enforcement that same day). He also then drove over to slumlandords main property on the other side of us, the one with the single wide that should have been condemned by now. He reported it like 2 months ago and apparently it should have been vacated and boarded up by now. He parked, got out of his truck (of course all these neighbors have no idea who this guy is) and started taking pictures. He told DH that while he was doing that he heard a gun cock. He didn't see anyone, but that's what he heard. Stupid people - that just makes him more determined to get all this fixed.

I also reported the RV (which supposedly had already been reported by councilman 2 months ago) that has been parked and occupied for 5 months now. The county limit (with a permit) is 4 months. I got an email reply back that there is an open case on this property and she will add RV to wasn't the RV included in the first place? So stupid. No wonder it takes forever (or in most cases never) to get resolved. Councilman said that it's becoming apparent to him that the only property violations the land use department really works on, is if it's someone with money they can fine. Otherwise they just ignore it. Nice, huh?

I'm getting my grocery list done up for my weekly shopping trip. Per my budget tracking, I have $130 left to spend before I get paid again next Thursday. Well, if I do take out either next Mon or Tues, I'll have about $120 for groceries and misc. That should be enough. I have a couple of over ripe bananas, so I will make banana bread for our week's dessert. But it will probably only last a couple of days :)

I'm taking a quick break from work to write this post. I'm having a pet-peeve moment, so a break is probably necessary. I'm trying to process payroll this morning (twice a month) and as with every single payroll for the last 7 years, I am always waiting on one employee to get me his timesheet. I always send out a reminder email the afternoon before I need it, with a reminder that I need it by the next morning, no later than 10am. Every single payroll processing day I have to remind him that I need it .How hard is it to fill it out and email it to me? Geez. EVERY. SINGLE. PAYROLL. One of these days I wish I could just process the payroll without his hours and not give him a paycheck! I'm pretty sure he'd never be late again, haha!

Well, miracle of miracles, I got back on my work desktop screen and he had sent his timesheet - a half hour early even! He must have known I was complaining about him. LOL..........only 5 more hours..sigh.....

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